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Portsmouth & District Bowls Association


Midweek District League


Division 1

Last updated:

Team P W D For Agst Diff WR DR Pts
Cowplain Orange                  
Cowplain Purple                  
Denmead Brown                  
Denmead Green                  
Hayling Island                  
Purbrook Gold                  
Purbrook Silver                  
District Play Off dates are Tues 3rd & Thurs 5th September. West Winners will be Home team for 1st Leg.

Results from Postponed games in Bold

Result corrections in Red

Penalties in Blue





Match Match Score Match Points
Date Venue Home Away Visitors H A
Tue Apr 23 Denmead Brown     Cowplain Orange    
Thu Apr 25 Cowplain Purple     Bedhampton    
  Hayling Island     Emsworth    
  Waterlooville     Denmead Green    
  Purbrook Gold     Purbrook Silver    
Tue Apr 30 Bedhampton     Denmead Brown    
  Purbrook Silver     Cowplain Purple    
Thu May 02 Cowplain Orange     Hayling Island    
  Denmead Green     Purbrook Gold    
  Emsworth     Waterlooville    
Tue May 07 Bedhampton     Purbrook Silver    
Thu May 09 Cowplain Purple     Denmead Green    
  Hayling Island     Denmead Brown    
  Purbrook Gold     Emsworth    
  Waterlooville     Cowplain Orange    
Mon May 13 Denmead Brown     Purbrook Silver    
Thu May 16 Denmead Green     Bedhampton    
  Emsworth     Cowplain Purple    
  Cowplain Orange     Purbrook Gold    
  Hayling Island     Waterlooville    
Tue May 21 Bedhampton     Emsworth    
  Purbrook Silver     Denmead Green    
Thu May 23 Cowplain Purple     Cowplain Orange    
  Purbrook Gold     Hayling Island    
  Waterlooville     Denmead Brown    
Thu May 30 Cowplain Orange     Bedhampton    
  Denmead Green     Denmead Brown    
  Emsworth     Purbrook Silver    
  Hayling Island     Cowplain Purple    
  Waterlooville     Purbrook Gold    
Mon Jun 03 Cowplain Purple     Waterlooville    
Tue Jun 04 Bedhampton     Hayling Island    
  Purbrook Silver     Cowplain Orange    
Thu Jun 06 Denmead Green     Emsworth    
  Purbrook Gold     Denmead Brown    
Mon Jun 10 Cowplain Orange     Denmead Green    
  Denmead Brown     Emsworth    
Thu Jun 13 Hayling Island     Purbrook Silver    
  Purbrook Gold     Cowplain Purple    
  Waterlooville     Bedhampton    
Tue Jun 18 Bedhampton     Purbrook Gold    
  Purbrook Silver     Waterlooville    
Thu Jun 20 Cowplain Purple     Denmead Brown    
  Denmead Green     Hayling Island    
  Emsworth     Cowplain Orange    
Tue Jun 25 Bedhampton     Cowplain Purple    
  Purbrook Silver     Purbrook Gold    
Thu Jun 27 Cowplain Orange     Denmead Brown    
  Denmead Green     Waterlooville    
  Emsworth     Hayling Island    
Mon Jul 01 Cowplain Purple     Purbrook Silver    
  Denmead Brown     Bedhampton    
Thu Jul 04 Hayling Island     Cowplain Orange    
  Purbrook Gold     Denmead Green    
  Waterlooville     Emsworth    
Mon Jul 08 Cowplain Orange     Waterlooville    
Tue Jul 09 Purbrook Silver     Bedhampton    
Thu Jul 11 Denmead Green     Cowplain Purple    
  Emsworth     Purbrook Gold    
Tue Jul 16 Bedhampton     Denmead Green    
  Purbrook Silver     Denmead Brown    
Thu Jul 18 Cowplain Purple     Emsworth    
  Purbrook Gold     Cowplain Orange    
  Waterlooville     Hayling Island    
Mon Jul 22 Denmead Brown     Waterlooville    
Thu Jul 25 Cowplain Orange     Cowplain Purple    
  Denmead Green     Purbrook Silver    
  Emsworth     Bedhampton    
  Hayling Island     Purbrook Gold    
Mon Jul 29 Cowplain Purple     Hayling Island    
  Denmead Brown     Denmead Green    
Tue Jul 30 Bedhampton     Cowplain Orange    
  Purbrook Silver     Emsworth    
Thu Aug 01 Denmead Brown     Hayling Island    
  Purbrook Gold     Waterlooville    
Mon Aug 05 Cowplain Orange     Purbrook Silver    
  Denmead Brown     Purbrook Gold    
Thu Aug 08 Emsworth     Denmead Green    
  Hayling Island     Bedhampton    
  Waterlooville     Cowplain Purple    
Tue Aug 13 Bedhampton     Waterlooville    
  Purbrook Silver     Hayling Island    
Thu Aug 15 Cowplain Purple     Purbrook Gold    
  Denmead Green     Cowplain Orange    
  Emsworth     Denmead Brown    
Mon Aug 19 Denmead Brown     Cowplain Purple    
  Cowplain Orange     Emsworth    
Thu Aug 22 Purbrook Gold     Bedhampton    
  Hayling Island     Denmead Green    
  Waterlooville     Purbrook Silver    



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