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Portsmouth & District Bowls Association

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Afternoon Triples Town League
Blue Division
Red Division
Afternoon Triples District League
Eastern Div 1
Western Div 1
Afternoon Triples Combination League
Division 1
P&D Competitions
Over 60's Singles
Under 18 Singles
Under 25 Singles
Mixed Pairs
Mixed Triples
Mixed Fours
P&D Friendly


Gwyn Guy Trophy


Club Champions


Rowland Cup


Secretary Singles




About this website



Portsmouth & District Championship Bowls


Mixed Pairs 2019


P&D Competition Results
Please advise Derek Morgan (Competition Sec) of your results ASAP after the match.
- By phone on (023) 9250 4187
- By EMAIL at compsec@pdba.co.uk


Round to be played by stated date




1st Round

2nd Round

3rd Round



Leigh Park


Leigh Park

July 16th

June 30th

July 21st

Aug 11th

Aug 17th


Aug 18th

K Mogridge [G] K Young [F] K Young [F] D Currie [Cr]  D Currie [Cr]  

Stella Parish &

Mick Molloy


K Young [F]
D Heather [Lee] D Heather [Lee]
A Budd [Pc]
I Rogers [R] D Currie [Cr] D Currie [Cr] 
D Currie [Cr]
Je Ward [LP] R Carter [CP 
R Carter [CP
T Chase [Pc] L Sowrey [Pc] L Sowrey [Pc]  L Sowrey [Pc] 
L Sowrey [Pc]
M Ellis [Lee]
R Cleeve [Br] A Hibberd [Pr] 
A Hibberd [Pr]
D Vintin [LP] M Molloy [M] M Molloy [M] M Molloy [M] 
M Molloy [M]
M Webb [Pc] P Kennington [D]
P Kennington [D]
J Passmore [Lee] J Passmore [Lee] M Hatchard [GS] 


P Walsgrove [D]
D Palmer [CP] M Hatchard [GS] 
M Hatchard [GS]
C Read [Cr] C Read [Cr] C Read [Cr] D Webb [R]  

Mary Pinder &

Phil Pinder

D Turner [Lee]
J Burn [Bed] J Burn [Bed] 
A Linter [Pr]
D Bishop [F] D Scarborough [Br] D Webb [R] 
D Scarborough [Br]
Js Ward [LP] D Webb [R] 
D Webb [R]
K Stanbury [G] P Pinder [R] P Pinder [R] P Pinder [R] 
P Pinder [R]
T Tymon [MP T Tymon [MP 
L Summerskill [A]
P Sanders [Lee] A McKain [M] A McKain [M]
A McKain [M]
D Francis [G] V Bennett [F] 
V Bennett [F]





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