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Portsmouth & District Bowls Association

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Afternoon Triples Town League
Blue Division
Red Division
Afternoon Triples District League
Eastern Div 1
Western Div 1
Afternoon Triples Combination League
Division 1
P&D Competitions
Over 60's Singles
Under 18 Singles
Under 25 Singles
Mixed Pairs
Mixed Triples
Mixed Fours
P&D Friendly


Gwyn Guy Trophy


Club Champions


Rowland Cup


Secretary Singles




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Portsmouth & District Championship Bowls


Men's Pairs


P&D Competition Results
Please advise Derek Morgan (Competition Sec) of your results ASAP after the match.
- By phone on (023) 9250 4187
- By EMAIL at compsec@pdba.co.uk

Round to be played by stated date




1st Round

2nd Round

3rd Round

4th Round



Milton Park


Milton Park

June 16th

June 30th

July 21st

Aug 11th

Aug 25th

Aug 31st

Sept 1st

A Deller [Lee] S Walton [Cr]  C Friend [F] B Stafford [R]  B Stafford [R]  B Stafford [R]   Ian & Barry Stafford [R]  


S Walton [Cr]
C Friend [F] C Friend [F] 
R Chadwick [V]
M Edney [WC] M Edney [WC] B Stafford [R]
R Dennison [SC]
B Stafford [R] B Stafford [R]
R Moran [SW]
M Ellis [Lee] M Ellis [Lee] S Read [V] S Read [V] 
P Doran [CP]
S Read [V] S Read [V]
N Hanley [LP]
S Harper [SW] P Kennington [D] J Fallon [F] 
P Kennington [D]
  J Fallon [F]
  P Drewball [SW] P Drewball [SW] P Drewball [SW]  P Drewball [SW]
  P Higgins [WC]
  S Townsley [GS] S Townsley [GS] 
  C Read [Cr]
  D Bishop [F] D Bishop [F] D Wildman [CP]  
  D Scarborough [Br]
  D Wildman [CP] D Wildman [CP] 
  M Brown [M]
  T Lightly [Pc] M Jinman [Pr] M Jinman [Pr]  M Jinman [Pr]   K Jones [A]   
  M Jinman [Pr]
  A Chadwick [Pr] A Chadwick [Pr]
  P Barnard [F]
  D Heather [Lee] D Heather [Lee] D Turner [Lee] 


  B Duff [N]
  T Hall [Co] D Turner [Lee] 
  D Turner [Lee]
  S Watt [Pr] S Watt [Pr] S Watt [Pr]  K Jones [A]  
  R Jacobs [Co]
  B Cope [LP] D Pryer [Pc] 
  D Pryer [Pc]
  Je Ward [LP] K Jones [A] K Jones [A] 
  K Jones [A]
  R Rowe [M] R Rowe [M] 
  A Davey [A]
  J Thompson [Lee] T Budden [R] D Currie [Cr]   S Fielder [A]   D Brown [M]    Brian Cherry & Steve Randell [E]     
  T Budden [R]
  D Currie [Cr] D Currie [Cr] 
  S O`Mara [SW]
  G Dyer [SC] S Fielder [A] S Fielder [A] 
  S Fielder [A]
  M Clements [SW] M Clements [SW] 
  T Chase [Pc]
  P Mills [F] J Sunderland [V] K Gerrard [R]   D Brown [M]  
  J Sunderland [V]
  J Taylor [M] K Gerrard [R] 
  K Gerrard [R]
  D Brown [M] D Brown [M] D Brown [M] 
  S Batcheler [G]
  P Cooper [Br] D Vintin [LP] 
  D Vintin [LP]
  B Kingdom [G] B Kingdom [G] B Cherry [E]   B Cherry [E]    B Cherry [E]    
  R Thompson [V]
  T Payne [SW] B Cherry [E] 
  B Cherry [E]
  M Wilde [Pc] B Franklin [CP] M Elliott [Pr] 
  B Franklin [CP]
  M Elliott [Pr] M Elliott [Pr] 
  M Molloy [M]
  B Scottow [F] B Scottow [F] B Scottow [F] B Scottow [F] 
  S Filippi [SC]
  S Holdsworth [Wv] A Taw [CPk] 
  A Taw [CPk]
  I Mackenzie [SW] B Riste [WC] B Riste [WC] 
  B Riste [WC]
  A Hibberd [Pr] A Hibberd [Pr] 
  R Porter [V]





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