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The Portsmouth & District Bowls Association Child Protection Policy

The Portsmouth & District Bowls Association Welfare Protection Policy

The P&D has a duty of care to Safeguard the Welfare of all who are involved in Lawn Bowls played under its jurisdiction that fall into one of the following categories:

- 1) All Junior Players - defined as those under 18;

- 2) All Adults at Risk - please refer to the P&D Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy document (see below) for a definition of what constitutes an Adult at Risk.


To this end, we have produced the following documents that set out our Welfare Protection policies, which are:



- For Junior Players

      The P&D Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy


       The P&D Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures


that all P&D Members and Parents/Guardians need to follow.


- For Adults at Risk

       The P&D Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy


In addition to these documents, there are also three key forms which need to be used by Clubs with regards to any Junior members they may have.


The first is the Junior Player Consent Form, which the player’s Parent or Guardian MUST complete and give to the Club. The Club MUST then send a copy of that form to:

  - The P&D League Secretary IF they have registered him to play in any P&D games.

  - Bowls Hampshire’s Child Protection Officer IF the player has entered the County’s Under 25 competition or has been selected for any County trial.


The other two forms are:

  - The Driver Registration Form, which needs to be completed by anyone volunteering to transport the Junior player to any games if they are not related to that player.


  - The Photographer Registration Form, which needs to be completed by anyone who wishes to take photographs at a bowls game who is not an official of the bowls club.


Finally, a reminder that ALL P&D member clubs MUST:

1) Have an Accident Book in your Clubhouse.

2) Have your own Child Protection Policy documents.

3) Appoint someone to act as your own Child Protection Welfare Officer, EVEN if you don’t have any Under 18’s. There is a chance that a visiting club may have!

4) Inform the opposing club/team that your team contains Under 18 players.

  - In the case of playing away, we also recommend you contact the Home club the day before the match in order for them to be prepared.

Driver Registration Form

If you volunteer to use your private vehicle to transport children under the age of 18 years in connection with the game of Bowls you must comply with this form.


Photographer Registration Form

If you wish to take photographs or images of a Bowls event you must comply with this form.

Junior Player Consent Form

If you are legally responsible for a child who wishes to play bowls you must comply with the requirements of this form.