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2013 Season

End of Season Report 2013


The 2013 P&D outdoor season has now completed following the Midweek Triples Divisional finals and the “Champion of Champions” tournament.


Midweek Triples


Town Division

Which teams made the Town Divisional Final was not resolved until the last week of the season.

In the Blue Division, Alexandra had a 22point lead over Vospers, who had two matches in hand. Whilst they won one, their defeat by Priory meant that Alex won the Division by 6points.

In the Red Division, College Park and Eastney were tied on points, whilst Alex Red had an outside chance if the top 2 lost their last games. Eastney’s 10point haul from their victory over Milton Park put the pressure on College Park. With 2ends remaining in their match against Phoenix, it looked like College might not get the 10 points required. However, by winning both of the final ends, College achieved the maximum 12points to win the Division.


The Play Off final between Alex and College was effectively settled in the 1st leg at Alex, where College came away with a 38shot lead, winning all 3 triples 73-35, thanks to Dave Smith’s 22-6 win over John Pearson. Clive Carter’s triple rallied from being 11-2 down at 9 ends to win 23-13.


Alex needed a fast start in the 2nd leg, which they achieved, leading 8-0 after the 1st end. However, College Park settled into the game so that by half way (9 ends) they held a 2shot lead. They extended this in the 2nd half, to win by 13 shots – 57-44.

Again, it was Dave Smith’s trio who led the way, beating John Pearson’s men (again) by 12 shots. Clive Carter broke the hearts of Dave Deacon’s trio on many ends with saving final bowls, to run out 3 shots victors. Gerry Dobson’s trio spared Alex’s blushes, gaining a 2 shot victory over Ray Markwell.


So, College Park won the Town title, which they had last won in 2009, 130-79. 


District Division

The East and West Division winners had been settled a few weeks before the end of the season, with the Cowplain and Fareham squaring up in a rerun of the 2012 final.


The 1st leg, held at Fareham, ended with Fareham having built a slender 4shot (50-46) lead to take into the return leg. For Fareham, Vic Bennett and David Holland both won by 5shots, over Graham King and Peter Crowley respectively, whilst for Cowplain, Bryan Franklin beat David Stevenson by 6 shots. Would Fareham rue dropping 8 shots on the last 2 ends?


In the return leg, Cowplain got off to a fast start, going 18shots up after 3 ends. At the half way point, they still led by 16shots, but then took full home green advantage to extend their lead to 27 shots, winning 63-26 on all Triples. Bryan Franklin won by 14 shots, Graham King by 11 shots and Peter Crowley 2 shots over Vic Bennett, David Stevenson and David Holland respectively.

So, Cowplain maintained their hold over Fareham, winning 109-86 overall, thereby winning the District title for the 5th successive year.


Champion of Champions


The Champion of Champions tournament is played by the Club Singles Champions of the Clubs affiliated to the P&D.

This season’s event was played on the greens at Milton Park over the weekend of 7th/8th September.

Eighteen Club Champions turned up at the appointed hour on the Saturday, whereupon the draw was made. On a rain interrupted day, the results were as follows:


Prelim Round:

  - Carl Stanley (Gosport) beat Joe Slatter (Waterlooville) 21-11

  - Clive Carter (College Park) beat Marco D'Apice (Post Office) 21-9.


In the 1st Round:

  - Carter beat Stanley 21-9.

  - Simon Filippi (Star & Crescent) beat Martin Wake (Vospers) 21-13.

  - Charlie Bailey (Fareham) beat Peter Moody (Copnor) 21-15

  - Dave Brown (Milton Park) beat Ron Jacobs (Cosham) 21-10

  - Jamie Cooke (Alexandra) beat John Bailey (Rowner) 21-7

  - Paul Kennington (Denmead) beat Peter Cooper (Bridgemary) 21-17

  - Steve Watts (Priory) beat Andrew Hibberd (Bedhampton) 21-16

  - Mick Leeson (Water Company) beat Barry Dixon (Leigh Park), after Barry had to retire due to injury.


In the Quarter Finals:

  - Filippi beat Carter 21-18

  - Bailey beat Brown 21-18

  - Cooke beat Kennington 21-5

  - Watts beat Leeson 21-14.


The Semi-Finals and Final were played on a cold, blustery Sunday. In probably the game of the tournament, Cooke defeated Watts 21-20 with all the excitement in the final 4 ends of the game.

On the 19th end, Cooke picked up a 3 to trail 17-18. On the 20th, Watts held 2shots and with the last bowl of the end, just failed to pick up the jack to win the match.

On the 21st end, with 1 wood each left, Cooke held 3 shots. With his last bowl, Watts rested shot, only for Cooke to take it out to lie 3 shots – 20shots each.

With the 1st wood of the 22nd, Cooke drew onto the jack and, try as he might, Watts couldn’t remove it, thereby ending a titanic struggle.

In the other Semi, Bailey found the green sooner than Filippi, to go into a 15-4 lead by the 13th end. Although Filippi got to within 4 shots by the 20th, Bailey won the next 3ends to finish a 21-12 winner.


In the final, Bailey again got the pace quicker than Cooke - although Cooke may have been a bit drained after his Semi-Final match. After 12ends, Bailey was up 15-6 and maintained his composure to win 21-12, although it did take a measure to score the winning 2nd shot.


P&D Bowls News Report Special


A special report that covers the events of Sunday 18th August – the Balcomb Trophy and the Rowland Hospital Cup final.


Balcomb Trophy

As you’ll recall from earlier in the season, Jon Leggett (Alexandra BC) and John Biggs (Southsea Waverley) were members of the Hampshire 2Rink team that reached the Semi-Finals of the Balcomb Trophy, the National County 2Rink competition.

This was held at Worthing on Sunday 18th August – so over to my roving reporter – Pete Leggett.

“In the morning Semi Final, Hampshire had the task of playing Devon, whilst Essex took on Derbyshire.

Devon fielded 3 current England Internationals and the general consensus before the games started was that they were strong favourites to win the title.

Hampshire’s rinks lined up as follows:

 - Rink 1: Jon Leggett (Lead), Anthony Nixon, John Biggs and Peter Ward (Skip)

- Rink 2: Kevin Downs (Lead), David Payne, Michael Hutley and Chris Daniels (Skip).


Chris Daniels rink had the (mis)fortune to be up against the Devonian internationals. However, spurred on by this, Chris’ men performed magnificently and were always in front.

On the other rink, Jon and John Biggs didn't bowl as they had in earlier matches, but Peter Ward had some "telling woods" at the right time and was always likely to keep them in the hunt.

Overall, Hants were always in command and it turned out (at that point) to be the finest victory in their campaign this season.

The score at the end was 44-34, Chris Daniels 28-18; Peter Ward 16-16.


In the afternoon, Hants took on Essex (who had defeated Derby 36-26) in the Final. It turned out to be a very tight scoring game, with only a few shots in it overall until the last few ends, when both Hampshire rinks put pressure on their opponents who must have felt that pressure because their bowlers on both rinks were condemned to play with weight to try to get a result that never paid off.

So, Hants won 52-34, Chris Daniels 23-17; Peter Ward 29-17.


This was 1st time Hants have won the trophy, which was presented by Tony Alcock.


I will add that both semi-finals and final were played with tremendous sportsmanship and it really was a pleasure to watch and witness, with good support from all the Counties involved.

Even better, obviously, was the result.

President Ken Graham was over the moon, whilst I was busy trying to get back from Mars!!”


Rowland Cup Final


The Rowland Cup final, played at Alexandra BC (home of the P&D), was between Waverley and Alex.

The rink line ups were as follows (Waverley names 1st):

 - Rink 2: Matt Marchant (skip), Mark Hammond, Phil Drewball, Rob Moran (lead) v Alan Sprake (skip), John Rawlings, Pat Reed, Neil Scutt (lead)

- Rink 3 Barry Starks (skip), Ollie Mew, Tony Ingram, Ron Adams (lead) v Geoff Anderson (skip) Dave Deacon, Steve Clifford, Jim O'Donnell

 - Rink 4: Gary Starks (skip), Alex Marchant, Shaun O'Mara, Billy McCubbin (lead) v Barry Harman (skip), Bob Floyd, Mark Gee, Keith Baggott

 - Rink 5: Paul Cooke (skip) Ian Mackenzie, Graham Guy, Louis McCubbin (lead) v Carl Baggott (skip), Jamie Cooke, Paul Newing, Keith Jones (lead)


Waverley leaped out early, getting an 8 shot lead after 5ends, thanks to Matt Marchant’s rink going 12-1 up. By 10ends, the lead had extended to 13 shots and then up to 14shots by the 18th end, with Paul Cooke’s rink also getting ahead, whilst the Stark’s were having close battles.

Although the men from Alex fought back over the last 3 ends, that early lead proved to be the decider, as Waverley won by 8shots, 81-73, thereby retaining the Cup and completing the domestic double.


Final Rink scores were: 

Marchant  25-19 Sprake

B Starks   16-17 Anderson

G Starks   16-18 Harman

Cooke       24-19 Baggott



P&D Bowls News Report w/e 16th August


Most of the remaining issues in the P&D Leagues have now been settled after last week’s matches.


In Div. 2, Waterlooville went into their last match against Crofton knowing they had to win not only the match but also at least 3 rinks in order to win the division. – They managed that with a 15 shot home victory, plus winning the requisite rinks.

So, they took the title by 2points from Lee-On-Solent.


In Div. 4, the “winner takes all” match at Cosham between Post Office and Emsworth went to the “delivery men” as they defeated Emsworth by 12 shots to claim Runner’s Up spot behind Bedhampton.

Post Office had an excellent end to the season, winning 4 of their last 5 games, whilst it was the exact opposite for Emsworth after they had been in a strong position to finish in the top two.


The final game in Div. 3 went the way of Bridgemary, who defeated Pembroke Gardens by 7shots.


In the Combination Leagues, the various Divisional Winners, Runners-Up has been resolved.


In Comb 1, Waverley Blue had already won the division, so it was now who would finish 2nd them.

It looked like it would be between Alex Blue and Fareham C. Hayling’s hopes were dashed when it was discovered they had used a 1st Team skip to skip in the Combination, giving them a 12point penalty.

However, with a late surge, Lee-On-Solent gained the maximum 24 points from their last 2 games, which put them into 2nd spot. Alex’s only chance was to get maximum points from their final match away at Waterlooville – something no visiting team had achieved. Unsurprisingly, it was beyond Alex, who went down to a 13 shot defeat, thus confirming Lee as Runner’s Up.

At the bottom, Priory B joined Denmead in being relegated, despite a maximum point victory over Milton Park C.


In Comb 2, Naismith was assured of promotion and it was between Waverley Red and ‘ville Green who would join them. The advantage was with ‘ville, who had a match in hand. The 18points they gained from those matches, including defeating Naismith, meant they overtook Waverley and claimed 2nd spot. Despite their defeat, Naismith got the points required to win the division.

At the bottom, Water Company and Leigh Park were relegated. The final match between the two was to see who got the wooden spoon. Water Company’s 16shot victory handed that to Leigh Park.


In Comb 3, four teams were in the hunt to finish in the top 2, Priory C, Post Office, Alex Red and Pembroke Gardens B.

Priory hopes were dashed by an away defeat at Cosham, whilst Post Office put paid to Pembroke’s chances with a 12 shot victory, which guaranteed them promotion. Who went up with them depended on Alex’s last match at Fareham. Alex had not only to win the game; they also had to win on 2rinks. This they achieved easily with a 31shot victory.

So, Alex Red won the division, 2points clear of Post Office in 2nd spot.

At the bottom, Milton Park C and Fareham B were already relegated.

Gas also suffered the same fate as Hayling, being deducted 12points for using 1st Team skips to skip the division. 


In Comb 4, who went up and down had already been settled before the last round of matches.

Purbrook Maroon won the division, finishing 48 points clear of Waterlooville Brown.

At the bottom, Emsworth and Phoenix got the chop.


In Comb 5, 3 teams had been exchanging the lead all season, Bedhampton and the 2 Cosham teams, C and Debs. Pembroke Gardens were also in the hunt for promotion. Fate had it that the last matches in the division were between Pembroke and Bedhampton, whilst it was a family battle at Cosham Park.

Pembroke won the 1st battle, gaining maximum points from a 48shot victory over Bedhampton, which meant they had secured promotion. So the internecine battle at Cosham would decide who joined them. It went the way of Cosham C, who had a 15shot victory over the Debs and also picking up maximum points. That meant they took the title from Pembroke thanks to their healthy shot difference.


In the Midweek Triples, despite there being another fortnight of matches to go, things have been settled in 3 of the 5 divisions.


In the District Leagues, the District Play Off, played on a Home and Away basis on 3rd and 5th September, will be between

Cowplain, who have again won the East division, and Fareham, who have won the West Division.


In the Combination League, Bedhampton have retained the title for the 4th successive year.


In the Town Leagues, things are still in the melting pot.

In the Blue Division, the title is between Alexandra Blue, Copnor and Vospers Blue. This week’s matches, Alex v Copnor and Vospers v Cosham could well settle matters.

In the Red Division, it would seem to be between College Park A and Eastney, although Star & Crescent and Alexandra Red also have a chance.

Two wins in the week put College 1point clear of Eastney. Both have difficult matches to come, whilst Star and Alex have matches in hand, although they do have to play each other.



P&D Bowls News Report w/e 3rd August


This week’s report starts in Div. 3.


Congratulations go to Portsmouth Water Company who finished up their campaign with a 100% record.  In their last game, they went to Gas Social and defeated them by 30 shots, thanks to the rink of Pete Musson, which defeated Terry Williams’ men 30-11.

Hayling Island celebrated finishing in Runner’s Up spot by thrashing Pembroke Gardens by 100shots!! (The shame of it). Hayling’s torturer-in-chief was the rink of Dave Johns, who ran out 49-7 victors over David Brookes.

Copnor assured themselves of 3rd spot by defeating co-tenants Naismith by 28shots.

In the other match, Bridgemary beat Cosham by 7 shots.


In Div. 1, Waverley recovered from last week’s blip, to retain their title in magnificent style with a 60shot home victory over Vospers.

Rowner’s outside chances were ended with a 9shot away defeat at Alexandra.

That result meant that Fareham could have finished Runners Up IF they beat Priory on all 4 rinks. However, they couldn’t quite make it, losing on 1 rink. So, Rowner finished 2nd, Fareham 3rd.

The other match was between Denmead and College Park, to see who would finish up with the wooden spoon. The result was settled in the favour of College Park by Steve Feilder’s rink, who ran out 43-9 victors over Brian        Goldacre’s men. Tony Sewell’s rink did their best to stem the tide, picking up 13shots on the last 4 ends of their match against Ray Cheater. The result moved College above Priory at the foot of the table.


How Divs. 2 & 4 will finish depends on the outcome of two rearranged matches.


In Div. 2, Eastney dented Lee-On-Solent’s chances of the title last Monday, by defeating them by 20shots at Milton Park, thanks to Steve Herridge’s 22shot victory over Terry Rye.

That result meant that Waterlooville could have sewn up the title IF they beat Gosport. However, Gosport gave themselves an outside chance of promotion by winning by 3shots, Joe Slatter picking up a vital rink win for ‘ville.

So, it all now rests with ‘villes rearranged match against Crofton on August 13th:

 - 13 or more will mean they will win the Division;

 - 6 points will guarantee ‘ville Runners Up spot;

 - Less than 5 points and Gosport will finish runners up. 

Whatever the result, Lee-On-Solent will finish in the top 2.

In the other games, Eastney maintained their good form from earlier in the week, with a 27shot victory over Crofton. However, the result still meant that the 2 clubs finished in the bottom 2, with Crofton getting the wooden spoon.

Cowplain cemented 4th spot with a 9shot victory over Milton Park, whilst Star finished their season with a 3 shot victory at Leigh Park.


In Div 4, Bedhampton assured themselves of the title with an 11shot away victory at Emsworth.

That result meant that Purbrook took over 2nd spot with a 21shot away victory over Phoenix.

Post Office went down to a surprising 1 shot home defeat at the hands of Forton.

So, who finishes as runner up to Behampton depends on the rearranged match between Post Office & Emsworth, due to be played on August 13th:

  - If Emsworth win, they finish Runners Up

  - Similarly for Post Office.

  - Any other result and it could well be up to “Statto”


The Combination Leagues still have one full week of fixtures left, plus various rearranged matches.

All that has been decided so far is that:

  - Waverley Blue won Comb 1;

  - Denmead will be relegated from Comb 1;

  - Milton Park C will be relegated from Comb 3;

  - Purbrook Maroon won Comb 4

  - Phoenix will be relegated from Comb 4;


P&D Bowls News Report w/e 27th July


Congratulations to Southsea Waverley on reaching the Area Finals of the National Top Club and Two Rinks competitions (see Home Page).


Meanwhile, on the League front, at 20:45 hours last Friday, it appeared that College Park had thrown the Div. 1 title race up in the air as they defeated Waverley by 26shots, based around Adrian Snook’s 33-10 win over Gary Starks, with Matt Marchant gaining Waverley’s only points with a 7shot win over Ray Cheater.

Waverley’s defeat meant that Rowner could close the gap IF they could beat Fareham on their home turf.

However, at 22:00 hours, in came the result from Rowner. Fareham had done their arch rivals a huge favour by claiming a 22shot victory.

This means that Waverley now only need 2points from their final match at home to Vospers.


Fareham’s victory moved them into 3rd spot, as Vospers went down to a 9shot home defeat at the hands of Alexandra.

In the other game, Priory defeated Denmead by 11shots.


It was a busy week for the Div. 2 clubs, as they had 2 rounds of matches to play.

On the Monday, Waterlooville came to grief at Leigh Park, losing by 18shots. Lee-On-Solent and Cowplain both took advantage of this slip-up with big victories over Star (43shots) and Crofton (65shots) respectively.

In the other match, Gosport managed a single shot victory away at Eastney.

On Friday, Lee took full advantage of Waterlooville’s bye round by defeating Cowplain by 26shots, thereby taking over at the top of the table. The title is now between Lee-On-Solent and ‘ville; Lee have 1 match left, ‘ville have two.

Gosport overtook Cowplain to gain 3rd spot with a 31shot victory at Crofton.

Meanwhile, Star defeated Eastney by 17shots, whilst in the battle of the Parks, Milton beat Leigh by 2 shots.


In Div 3, Water Co is now 1 match away from going through the season with a 100%record. Their latest victory was a 35shot win at Bridgemary.

Hayling stumbled over the line to secure runners up spot in the division, despite only drawing with Cosham. They have Ken West’s rink to thank for his 16shot victory over Patrick       O'Sullivan.

There was another draw at Pembroke Gardens, Pembroke and Copnor battling to a 74all tie, with Peter Coles 13shot victory for the home team being matched by Pete Moody’s 11shot win for Copnor.  In the other game, Naismith 16shot win over Gas dropped Gas to the bottom of the table.


In Div. 4, Bedhampton moved 13pts clear at the top of the table 43shot away win at Forton. Meanwhile, Emsworth recovered from their wobbles of the previous weeks by defeating close challengers Purbrook by 11shots at home.

Post Office moved into 3rd place following their 29shot home victory over Phoenix.

Next week’s matches could settle things, as Bedhampton travel to Emsworth. If not, the rearranged match between Emsworth & Post Office will have a lot riding on it.


In the Combination Leagues, there has only been one definite resolution.

In Div.1:

 - Runners Up spot would seem to be between Hayling, Alex and Milton Park.

 - The only definite result is that Denmead are now relegated. Who goes down with them looks to be between the B teams of Rowner, Priory & Lee on Solent.

In Div.2:

 - It would seem that the battle for 1st & 2nd is between Naismith B

& Waterlooville Green as they have games in hand, this week’s results will go a long way in clearing up matters - well, possibly.

- At the bottom, it would appear to be 2 of the following who could go down - College Park B, Cowplain Red, Leigh Park Red and Water Company B.

In Div.3:

 - Top 2 places look to be between Priory C, Pembroke Gardens B,

Post Office B and Alexandra Red.

 - At the bottom, it is looking even more likely that Milton Park C &

Fareham B will be relegated.

In Div.4:

 - Purbrook Maroon only needs 3 more points to win the Division. One more victory for Waterlooville Brown should secure Runners Up spot.

 - At the bottom, it looks like Emsworth B & Phoenix B are on the brink.

In Div.5:

  - It’s been ring-a-ring-a-rosy between Cosham Debs, Bedhampton B & Cosham C at the top, with none of the clubs being able to gain ascendancy, although Debs are now 9pts clear. Pembroke Gardens C has also crept into the equation.

Things are still in a state of confusion in the Midweek Triples Leagues as there are still plenty of matches left to get any clear picture.


P&D Bowls News Report w/e 20th July


Congratulations to Mark Hammond of Southsea Waverley, who became Hampshire’s Singles Champion last Friday.

Mark now goes onto the National Championships finals as one of the three Hampshire representatives.

The National finals are being held for the last time at Worthing, before they transfer their new home at Leamington Spa.   


On the League front, Div 1 is now down to a two-horse race between Waverley and Rowner, although Waverley must be the favourites, as they have a 16 point lead over Rowner. This week’s matches could well settle the matter.


Waverley maintained their lead over Rowner by defeating Alex 16 shots, thanks to Gary Starks’ 25 shot win over Geoff       Anderson.

Meanwhile, Rowner beat Denmead by 7shots, thanks to Barry Stafford’s 14 shot defeat of Brian Goldacre.

Vopsers slim chances of the title were ended by a 36shot away defeat at Fareham. For Fareham, the rinks of Charlie Bailey and Mike Elliott had 16shot victories, but Mike’s win was due to picking up those 16 shots in the last 6 ends.

The bottom of the table clash between College Park and Priory went Priory’s way, spearheaded by Tony   Kneller’s comeback from 15-2 down to beat Dave Smith by 3shots.


In Div. 2, Lee-On-Solent consolidated their 2nd spot with a 10shot away victory over Leigh Park.

Gosport defeated Star by 16shots. Looking at the result, it is obvious that Robbie Dennison has been playing in the wrong position – 1st time as skip and he wins!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Milton Park gained revenge over their co-tenants Eastney with a 3 shot victory. Mr Molloy did try to improve the scoreline by recording Eastney shots as his own – but eagle-eyed captains spotted the error and suitably reprimanded him!!!!


In Div 3, Water Co have won the division. This was confirmed after they picked up 15points in home victory over Naismith.


Hayling look like they will finish second after Copnor fell to a 25shot home defeat at the hands of Cosham. So it looks like Cosham may have sorted out their defensive frailties, but an on the spot reporter told me “….we were worse than awful….”


Hayling beat Bridgemary by 7shots purely thanks to David Johns’ rink picking up 12shots on the last two ends to win by 16shots and clinch the victory.

In the other game, Gas beat Pembroke by 12shots, a result that dropped Pembroke to the bottom of the table.


In Div. 4, Emsworth suffered their second straight heavy defeat, this time at Bedhampton’s artificial surface. Bedhampton’s 41shot victory took them to the top of the table, whilst Emsworth slipped to 3rd, on shot difference behind Purbrook; this despite Purbrook’s surprise 19shot home defeat at the hands of Phoenix, only the 2nd victory for Phoenix (I’ve been asked to detain the Phoenix squad for urine samples – but that’s taking the ****).

Meanwhile Post Office topped 100shots for the 2nd week running, this time at the expense of Forton.

Obviously the carrot of “loadsa shares” is inspiring the men from the Post Office to produce better deliveries - and is Emsworth in the process of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?



In the Combination Leagues, Waverley Blue clinched the Div 1 title with two home victories in the week, over Lee-On-Solent & Milton Park. Despite there being 3 games to go, they cannot be caught.

All the other divisions are still closely fought.


In the Midweek Triples Leagues, Copnor lead the Town Blue division, but only just from Alex Blue, but 5 teams are still fighting for the title.

It’s much the same in Town Red, where Eastney lead at the moment, but 7 teams are still in with a shout.

In the East Division, it looks like Cowplain are pulling away at the top, with Fareham doing similar in the West.

In the Combination Division, Bridgemary are staring to pull away.


P&D Bowls News Report w/e 13th July


It was back to normal for Waverley, as they had an all rink, 12 shot victory at Priory. And all this on a green with more tracks than Clapham Junction.

Rowner, meanwhile, kept up the pressure with their own all rink, 36 shot home victory over College Park, led by Graeme Coles’ 14 shot defeat of Steve Feilder.

Vospers also returned to winning ways by defeating Denmead by 5 shots at Northern Parade, winning on 3 rinks. Len Oughton’s promotion to skip did the trick for Vospers, as his 18 shot victory over Glyn Jones negated Roland Bloy’s 16 shot victory over Terry Smith.

In the other match in the division, Alex halted Fareham’s impressive run, by defeating them by 17 shots at their home green. Carl Baggott was the pillar of the victory, defeating Charlie Bailey by 11 shots, whilst Mike Elliott got Fareham’s sole point in a 16all tie with Alan Sprake.


In Div. 2, Waterlooville kept on their merry way with another huge victory by 33shots over Star & Crescent. However, this time out, it was an away victory at Star’s new home. Even Simon Filippi’s 15shot win over Joe Slatter couldn’t give Star much pleasure.

Behind ‘ville, Lee-On-Solent moved into 2nd spot with a 39 home win over Eastney, picking up 15 points.

Cowplain, meanwhile, fought out an 83all home draw with Leigh Park, picking up 7 points from the match.

In the other game, Milton Park put a dent in any hopes Gosport may have had in finishing 2nd by defeating them by 5shots, both teams winning on 2 rinks.


In Div 3, Water Co won again, this time by 5 shots away at Pembroke Gardens. They only require another 17points to be assured of the title.

Meanwhile, Hayling lost at home to Copnor by 9 shots, but still have an 11point lead over them in 2nd spot.

Bridgemary kept up their good work of the previous week by defeating Naismith by 8shots at Swordsands.

And, in the battle of the bottom two, Cosham ran out the victors by 3shots over Gas, despite Kevin Bleach’s 22 shot win over Paul Wallen. That victory meant that Cosham and Gas swapped places.


In Div. 4, Post Office put a dent in Emsworth’s title hopes with a 100-73 away victory, mainly thanks to George Aylwin’s 25shot win over Dave Leggett.

Purbrook got their own back over Bedhampton, defeating them by 10shots at the Heath, taking them back into 2nd spot. Those results now mean that 7points cover the top 3.

At the bottom, Forton completed the double over Phoenix, with a 24shot away victory.


P&D Bowls News Report w/e 5th July


Div 1 was full of surprises last week.

Fareham completed the double over Waverley, beating them by 9shots. The Waverley winning rinks of Paul Cooke and John Biggs couldn’t cover the Fareham wins of Charlie Bailey and Dorian Bishop.

And that wasn’t the only shock of the evening. Bottom of the table College Park defeated 2nd in the table Vospers by 30shots at home. Leading the way for College was Adrian Snooks’ rink, who demolished Terry Smith’s boys by 22shots.

Vospers defeat meant that Rowner overtook them, following their 22shot away win at Priory – that defeat dropping Priory to the bottom of the table.

In the remaining match, Alex maintained their good form with a 26shot all rink away win at “Jekyll and Hyde” club Denmead.


In Div 2, Waterloovilles return to the mainland meant a return to normal as they demolished Milton by 57shots at their Jubilee Park home. However, Dave Meyer’s rink showed it can be done by picking up 16shots on the last 7 ends to win by 4.

However, Lee-On-Solent, who spoilt ‘villes 100% record last week, were brought back to earth by losing by 22shots at Gosport.

That result meant that Cowplain’s draw at Eastney was enough to move them into 2nd spot (although my spy in the sky told me that Eastney snatched defeat from the jaws of victory!).

In the other match, Star had a big 37shot all rink victory at Crofton.

This time Mr Whiffin was the star of the show, not the fall guy of last week.


In Div 3, Water Co carry on winning, this time beating Cosham by 16shots.

Hayling strengthened their hold on 2nd spot with a 13shot away victory at Gas.

Copnor meanwhile stumbled at Bridgemary, losing by 28shots. Naismith moved closer to their co-tenants with a 32shot home victory over Pembroke.


In Div. 4, Bedhampton leapfrogged Purbrook into 2nd with a 10shot home victory.

At the bottom, Forton beat Phoenix by 7shots to hand over the mantle as P&D’s “strongest” club.


On the Combination front, Waverley Blue maintained their strangle hold at the top with 2 wins in the week, beating Priory at home and then Rowner away.

Meanwhile Milton made good use of their 2 matches by slipping into 2nd spot.


In Div 2, Naismith had a mixed week, losing at Leigh Park, but then defeating Waverley to keep hold of top spot.


In Div 3, Alex Red had a bad week, only picking up 2points from their 2 games. Which meant that Priory C’s 33point haul from their 2 games took them into top spot.


In Div 4, Purbrook took care of 2nd place Rowner by 32shots, whilst ‘ville Brown also lost away at Gas.


In Div 5, Cosham Debs picked up 23pts from their 2matches to take over top spot, whislt their C team lost at Purbrook. However, Bedhampton won, to stay in 2nd spot.


The Midweek leagues have now reached half way.

In the Town Divisions, Alex have a 16point lead in the Blue half, whilst Eastney have a 21point lead in the Red.

In the District Divisions, Cowplain are leading the Eastern section, whilst Bridgemary lead the Western section.

The Combination division is a close battle between Bridgemary and Emsworth.



P&D Bowls News Report w/e 28th June


We start this week with a mystery story entitled:


Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Rose Tinted Spectacles


“It had been a while since I spent some time with my old friend Sherlock Holmes, as my general practice in Bond Street had become more and more busy. And my wife also required quite a bit of my time…

One day I received a message by way of one of the “Baker Street” urchins, asking me to attend at 221B.

Making my way there, I couldn’t help noticing the addition of two citrus trees providing an interesting gateway to Holmes’ sitting room.

Upon greeting Sherlock, I couldn’t help but ask ‘Why the Citrus trees at the doors Holmes?’

‘A Lemon Entry, my dear Watson’ he ejaculated!

‘But that isn’t why I asked for you to attend Watson.

A short time ago I received a telegraphic communication from the Saxe-Weimar bowls club in Portsmouth, asking me to investigate into a strange occurrence that happened in a match they played at Denmead, so I’d like you to accompany me to the South Coast today.

I’ve consulted Bradshaw’s, and found we can either take the Watercress Line to Medsted and Four Marks and get a dog cart from there – but that is some distance for a poor dog to carry us! So, instead, it is the London and Southampton Railway to Portsmouth that we will use, alighting at either the market towns of Petersfield or Havant. As I note it is sheep market day in Petersfield, so the town will be filled with wild drovers, we shall embark for Havant and get a Hansom cab from there to the village of Denmead’

As we travelled by train, I enquired of Holmes what the problem was…

‘Apparently, my dear Watson, it transpired that during a game of lawn bowls between Saxe-Weimar and Denmead, that after 8 ends it was noted that one end of a rink had been put on Blue marks, but the other was on Brown, thus making the green somewhat off centre. Our task is to ascertain if any nefarious deeds were afoot’.


Having arrived in the quaint Denmead village centre, we were directed to the lawn bowls club. Once there, Holmes at once started his forensic investigations. After a while, he came back to where I was seated, soaking up some of the sun’s rays. Sitting next to me he asked ‘Watson, have you noticed the green keeper and his apparel?’

I must admit I had not. ‘Tsk Tsk Watson, have you never learned that you must keep your wits about you and observe everything. So, you have not noticed the strange rose-tinted spectacles that he wears – obviously the man has a slight problem with his eyesight in strong sunlight. No matter, the answer will soon be with us.’

With that, Holmes accosted the green keeper..

‘Good afternoon my good man, may I take the liberty of interrupting your chores and asking you a few questions?’

Having gained assent, Holmes then asked him if he had laid out the rinks on the date in question.

‘I did indeed Sirs, although I did have some assistance from one of the members on the last rink’

‘May I ask how do you set the rinks out?’

‘I take note of which marks the club wishes to play on that night and then pace them out and set the pegs accordingly’

‘You don’t take note of the colours then?’ asked Holmes.

‘Don’t need to Sir, know this green like the back of my hand.’

‘But you said you had help with the last rink, what occurred then’

‘Ah sir, as the club members are not as savvy with their green, I told them which colour mark I had set for them to peg out at the other end’

‘I see – and were you wearing the same spectacles then as you do at the moment?’

‘Have to Sir, my eyes cannot put up with strong sunlight’

‘As I surmised’ said Holmes.

‘One final question, what is the colour of that mark here?’

‘Brown sir’ was the quick riposte.

‘Excellent my good man – now Watson, our time is finished all is revealed, nothing nefarious, a simple error, let us adjoin to the local Forest Of Bere, where I hear they do an serve an excellent draught Hobgoblin and then upstairs to partake of a Kedgeree luncheon and no questions until we are supping that fine ale’


When we were finally sat down with the ales, I couldn’t keep quiet any longer..

‘But Holmes’ I ejaculated ‘that mark you asked about was Blue’

‘Quite so, Watson. But you recall that due to his eyesight condition, that the man wears rose-tinted spectacles. Unfortunately, due to spectroscopic anomalies, when the colour blue is seen through such spectacles, it appears Brown – hence when he transmitted the colour to his helpers, they set it on Brown, as he instructed them to do. A simple case of spectrographic inactitudes, nothing sinister.

Sup up Watson, for after we have dined, I propose we carry on into Portsmouth, where you can visit that fine fellow Arthur Conan-Doyle and compare your medical practices, while I seek out Charles Dickens and discuss with him his monograph on paranormal activities’”


For those of you still with us, back to the bowls……


Whist Hampshire’s interest in the Middleton Cup has ended, they have reached the National Finals of the Balcomb Trophy, which is two rink competition. The P&D have two representatives, Jonathon Leggett and John Biggs. Last week, the team played in the regional finals and overcame Middlesex in the morning and then Kent in the afternoon. 


Over to our roving reporter – Pete Leggett

“Last Sunday saw Hampshire compete in the Regional Final of the Balcomb Trophy, at the Halls Bowling Club, Dartford, Kent.


In the morning, Hants played Middlesex.

After 10 ends, Peter Ward was 21-2 up, Chris Daniels 15-9 down.

At 15 ends, Peter was 25-7 up, Chris 16-13 down.

In the end, Hants won by 24 or 25 shots – I can’t remember as I had to go for a lie down

On the other green, Kent beat Oxford in really close encounter.


In the afternoon, against a very strong Kent side, at 8 ends Peter was 12-4up and Chris was also 13-6 up.

At 16 ends, Peter was27-8 up and Chris Daniels was16-13 up.

Kent ended up conceding the game with about 2ends to play, the score being 45 to 28 in Hants favour…….


John Biggs was exceptional in the first game. According to Tony Nixon (the Sports Centre “scummer” player), he reckoned it was the John Biggs "roadshow", with obviously our Jonathan leading from the front with great efficiency (well a dada would say that).


Peter Ward was absolute class throughout, as his record suggests.”


In the National Finals at Worthing, they are joined by Devon, Derbyshire and Essex.


On the League front, Waverley returned to winning ways by demolishing Rowner by 35shots, the rinks of Paul Cooke and Matthew Marchant leading the way.

Rowner’s defeat meant that Vospers’ 19 shot victory over Priory took them back into 2nd place. Peter Sansbury and Marty Wake were big winners for Vospers, with Martin Eggleton returning the favour for Priory.

Fareham seems to have got back into their stride. This week they thrashed Denmead by 53 shots to move into 4th spot.

The battle of the bottom two clubs went the way of Alex as they beat College Park by 17shots, thanks to Carl Baggott’s 14shot win over Paul Lawrence.


It was a busy week in Div 2, with two rounds of matches being played.

On the Monday, the top 3, W’ville (over Eastney), Lee-On-Solent (at Milton Park) and Cowplain (at Star), all won handsomely.

As a Star spokesman told me “A right thrashing!!. We also gave them a helping hand on Paul Whiffin’s rink, when Paul managed to fire out his only wood in the head to drop the maximum 8 – by accident of course!!??”.


In the other game, there was a surprise as Crofton travelled to Leigh Park and won by 20 shots, a result that moved them off of the bottom of the table. According to my “deep throat” source “Leigh Park could be heading for Div 3 with another poor result tonight against bottom club Crofton. If we go down, this will be the first time since 1977 we have played in Division 3”


On Friday’s round of matched, Lee-On-Solent put an end to Waterlooville’s 100%record with a 32 shot victory on all rinks. Still, ‘ville do have a 17point lead at the top.

Cowplain kept up the pressure on Lee by defeating Gosport by 8 shots, each team winning 2 rinks.

Leigh Park bounced back from their defeat on Monday by beating Eastney by 11shots, a result that leaves Eastney at the bottom.

(From unimpeachable sources “A Leigh Park win at last!!!”).

And Crofton fell back with a bump with an 18shot away defeat at Milton.


In Div 3, Water Co are now the only 100% team, although they just managed to defeat Hayling by 3 shots, thanks to Mick Edney’s 14 shot win over Ken West.

Copnor trounced Gas by 47shots at Swordsands, whilst Cosham’s defence tightened up a bit this week, only allowing Naismith 84 shots. Unfortunately, their attack only managed 66!


In Div. 4, the battle of the top 2 went Purbrook’s way as they defeated the leaders, Emsworth, by 4 shots.

Bedhampton trounced Forton by 69shots on their artificial surface, whilst Post Office delivered the goods at Phoenix. However, in this match a Post Office skip managed to add 4 to 18 and came up with 18!! It’s no wonder postage stamp prices keep on going up with accounts like that!! Both skips signed the cards as being correct as did the team captain’s – resulting in each team being deducted 1 point.


On the Combination front, Waverley Blue strengthened their hold on Div 1, with a 20shot away win at Alex. Rowner & Denmead are starting to get detached at the bottom.


At Priory, it was only the strong nerves of Priory’s captain that won the match – according to my “eye in the sky”, Albie Somerset went into the last end with Priory 3up overall. Thanks to some thoughtful bowling by his front 3 in guarding the front and rear (pity about the middle) Priory were 4 and a measure down, which turned out to be 6 after Tony drew another one. Shutting his eyes (well, is there any other way?) Albie drew the shot with my his last wood & Tony Grant missed it trying to take it out.”


In Div 2, Naismith extended their lead at the top by defeating College Park by 6 shots, whilst Gosport lost at home by 5 shots against Cowplain Red.

An execellent result for Cowplain, but they and Leigh Park Red are still detached at the bottom.


In Div 3, Alex Red extended their lead, thanks to beating Copnor, whilst Pembroke lost at Home to Priory. It would seem that Milton & Fareham will be needing some Post Office accountancy, as they are 24 points away from safety.


In Div 4, Purbrook are now 12pts clear of W’ville and Rowner.

At the bottom, it’s starting to look like 2 from Phoenix, Bridgemary & Emsworth.


In Div 5, it’s now a 3way chase between both Cosham teams and Bedhampton. Cosham C took over top spot with an 8-4 win over Bedhampton.



P&D Bowls News Report w/e 21st June


Sadly, Hampshire’s interest in this year’s Middleton Cup has come to an end following their home defeat by Oxfordshire, despite good showings by the P&D representatives.


In the County Competitions, Waverley will be playing Lee-On-Solent for the right to represent the Eastern Division in the County Finals.


The P&D Rowland Cup has reached the Quarter Final stage. Alex is at home to Priory, Vospers host Rowner, College Park play Denmead, whilst Waverley has to travel to Waterlooville.


On the League front, there were a few surprises last week in Div. 1.

Waverley’s march to the title hit a slight stutter as they fell to a 22 shot away defeat at Denmead. Paul   Kennington led the way for Denmead with a 10shot victory over Gary Starks. Paul Cooke gained Waverley’s solitary point by drawing his game against Glyn Jones.

That result was a big turnaround for Denmead as, on Monday, they had lost their rearranged home match against Vospers by 40shots!

That result sent Vospers back to 2nd spot, but their position lasted only a few days, as a 6 shot away defeat at Rowner meant that the 2 clubs swapped positions.

Fareham regained the winning habit by defeating College Park by 10shots. However, not a good night for Mike Elliott returning to an old haunting ground as skip. He lost 24-11 to Dave Smith on what was described as a “difficult rink” although it couldn’t have been that difficult as Roy (it’s very difficult) Lowless was on the jack all night!


And Priory moved off the bottom spot by beating Alex by 20shots on all 4 rinks, which resulted in Alex replacing them at the bottom.


In Div. 2, Waterlooville hold on top spot strengthened with a 25shot home victory over Cowplain.

That result meant that Gosport’s 34hot home victory over Leigh Park moved them into 2nd spot.

Meanwhile Lee-On-Solent kept up the chase in 4th spot with a resounding 65shot victory at Crofton. Four points cover the three clubs, and Lee has a match in hand.

In the remaining match in the Division, Milton Park maintained their good run with a 19shot victory away at Star.


In Div. 3, Water Co saw off one of their challengers, with a 32shot Home victory over Copnor.

Hayling Island extended their hold on 2nd spot with 9shot victory at Naismith, picking up 15points in the process.

Pembroke Gardens pulled within 2points of Copnor, defeating Cosham by 28shots at their Southsea home.

The other game saw Gas defeat Bridgemary by 2 shots at Northern Parade.


In Div. 4, Emsworth carried on their good season with a 41shot home victory over Phoenix, winning all 4rinks.

Bedhampton meanwhile lost by a single shot away at Post Office, which meant that Purbrook’s full house away at Forton took them into 2nd spot.


In Combination Div. 1, Waverley Blue did a “Nelson” on Denmead Gold (ie scored 111).

In Combination Div. 2, Naismith B won twice to take over top spot.

In Combination Div. 3, the top of the table clash between Alex Red and Pembroke B turned into a damp squib, as Alex won by 40shots and took maximum points.

In Combination Div. 4, Phoenix B showed their A team “That’s the way to do it” by defeating Waterlooville Brown by 33shots.

And Combination Div. 5 looks like it’s now a 2horse race between Bedhampton B and Cosham C, both teams easing to victory in their latest games.


P&D Bowls News Report w/e 14th June


In the Middleton Cup, Hampshire, with its P&D contingent had mixed results in their last two matches.

First, they lost at home to Middlesex by 2 shots, despite Matt Marchant’s rink winning by 8 shots.

Then, last Saturday, they travelled to Canterbury and beat a very strong Kent team by 8 shots. There were 2 changes to the P&D contingent. Alex Marchant replaced Paul Cooke, whilst Billy McCubbin gained his 1st cap.

The result means that Hampshire still has a chance to qualify from their group.  Next Saturday, they play Oxfordshire at Atherley BC.


The County competitions are getting closer to the Divisional Finals.

Most of the favourites are still in contention, except in the Triples, where the Waverley Triple skipped by John Biggs was beaten at home by Eric Brierley’s Lee-On- Solent squad.

And Gary Stark’s Waverley Four needed an extra end to beat Marty Wake’s four from Vospers, after dropping an 8!


The P&D Competitions have also started, and the big shock here is the defeat of Charlie Bailey by Priory’s Mick Jinman.


In Div. 1 of the P&D Leagues, Waverley strengthened their hold on the top spot with an 8 shot away win over Vospers, winning on 3 rinks. That defeat meant that Rowner jumped into 2nd spot after beating Alexandra by 18 shots at home. The win was based around Gram Coles’ 19 shot victory over Alan Sprake.

College Park and Denmead fought out a 78 all draw. Denmead can thank Paul Kennington for the draw. With his last bowl, he somehow threaded a tiny gap to move the jack to gain the 2 shots required to draw the match.

Fareham’s season got even worse as they suffered a 26 shot defeat at Priory, only Priory’s 2nd victory of the season. The defeat dropped Fareham to 7th in the table.


In Div. 2, Waterlooville maintained their 100% record with a thumping 49 shot victory over Gosport, winning on all rinks.

Cowplain kept hold of 2nd spot, by managing to get an 80all draw away at Milton Park, who kept up the good work from the previous week.

Star recorded their 3rd win of the season with a 7 shot victory over Leigh Park at their new home (have they finally got to grips with the nuances of the Waverley green?)

Meanwhile, the clash of the 2 bottom clubs saw Crofton defeat Eastney by 6 shots, despite playing 1 short.


In Div. 3, Water Co is also 100%. This time out, they defeated the hapless Gas Social by 52 shots. Again Pete Musson’s rink was their star performer.

Hayling kept up the pressure with a 7 shot away victory at Pembroke Gardens. But Copnor lost momentum, by losing to their co-tenants Naismith by 3 shots.

At Cosham, there was nearly another 100 shots notched up. However, this time it was Cosham who just missed out, amassing 94 shots. Mind you, they only won by 7 shots over Bridgemary, so that defence is still creaky!


In Div. 4, Emsworth maintained their hold on 1st place with a 34 shot victory away at Forton. Forton’s Ian Mulholland spared the whitewash by gaining an 18all tie with Peter Smith.

Bedhampton meanwhile made full use of their artificial surface by defeating Phoenix by 75 shots.

And Purbrook finally managed to beat Post Office at the 3rd time of asking on their home green.


Only one Combination match was played last week, the game between Hayling and Fareham C. Obviously, Hayling must be in the rain shadow of the Isle Of Wight, as all other games were washed out!


The season has now reached the half-way point, so here’s how it stands in the Leagues:

  - In Div. 1, Waverley looks like they will be retaining their title. Who finishes as Runner up is now where the interest lies. Nine points cover Rowner, Denmead and Vospers, although this will change after the rearranged Denmead/Vospers game next week.

At the bottom, 7 points covers the last 4 teams.

  - In Div. 2, Waterlooville has a commanding lead over Cowplain. At the bottom, 2 points cover Leigh Park, Eastney and Crofton.

  - In Div. 3, Water Co is 16 points clear of Hayling, with Copnor 8 points behind them. At the bottom, Gas are 15 points shy of Cosham

  - In Div. 4, Emsworth also has a commanding lead of 17 points over Bedhampton in 2nd spot, with Purbrook just 5 point behind them.

Meanwhile, Forton are the strongest team in the P&D (i.e. they are holding everyone else up!!).

  - In Comb 1, Waverley Blue has opened up a big lead at the top over Hayling Island. At the bottom, 5 points cover Milton Park, Denmead and Rowner.

  - In Comb 2, Gosport has a 5 point lead over W’ville Green at the top. At the bottom, 9 points cover Waverley Red, Leigh Park and Cowplain Red.

  - In Comb 3, Pembroke and Alex Red are fighting it out for top spot, whilst Lee-On-Solent C, Milton C and Fareham B are getting detached at the bottom.

  - In Comb 4, Purbrook Maroon has opened up an 11 point lead over Eastney B. This is a division of 2 halves, with the top 4 now 13 points clear of the bottom half, where 4 points cover those 4 clubs.

  - Comb 5 is tighter. 9 points cover the top 6, with Bedhampton leading the way. Cowplain Green is 9 points in arrears at the bottom.


P&D Bowls News Report w/e 7th June


Bowl’s Middleton Cup – the National competition for all English Counties which play Lawn Bowls - kicked of last Saturday 1st June. Counties are arranged into sections, with Hampshire being drawn with Isle Of Wight, Kent, Middlesex and Oxfordshire.


In Hampshire’s 1st match, there were 7 players from the P&D:

-          Barry & Garry Starks, John Biggs, Paul Cooke and Mathew Marchant (Waverley)

-          Charlie Bailey (Fareham) and Jon Leggett (Alex).

All played their part in Hampshire’s 51 shot victory over the Isle Of Wight at Shanklin BC.

Hampshire’s next game is against Middlesex, at the home of Hampshire bowls - Atherley BC, Southampton.


Congratulations also to Louis McCubbin from Waverley, who at 14 years of age, was selected for Hampshire’s Under 25 team which beat a very strong Kent team by 13 shots at Maidstone. Hants have progressed to the Regional finals at Iver Heath BC on June 16th


In the Quarter Finals of the County Club, Gosport and Lee-On-Solent both defeated Div 1 clubs. Gosport beat Rowner by 18 shots on their home green, whilst Lee had an excellent 8 shot victory away at Alexandra.

So the Semi Finals (20th June) will see Fareham visit Waverley, whilst Lee On Solent travel to Gosport, thus ensuring a Div 1 v Div 2 Divisional Final.


On the League front, in Div 1, Waverley defeated College Park by 15 shots at their Lowcay Road base. Adrian Snook was College’s sole winner, defeating Gary Starks by 4 shots.

Meanwhile, Vospers' strengthened their hold on the 2nd spot with a 5 shot away win over Alexandra, thanks to Marty Wake’s 18 shot victory over Jon Leggett (thereby disproving they are a 1 rink team).

Fareham’s indifferent season continued with a 6 shot home defeat by Rowner.

In the other match in the division, Denmead defeated Priory by 13 shots, winning on 3 rinks.


In Div 2, Waterlooville had the night off. However, Lee-On-Solent failed to capitalise as they went down to a 10 shot defeat at Cowplain, who picked up 14 points and moved into 2nd place.

The defeat meant that Lee tumbled to 4th, after Gosport picked up 14 points with a narrow 2 shot win over bottom of the table Crofton at Anglesey Gardens. Crofton nearly snatched the win thanks to Garry Coleman’s 17 shot victory over Chris Hay.

Milton recovered from their humbling of the previous week by travelling to Leigh Park and winning by 6 shots, thanks to Dave Biggs’ 10 shot victory over Barry Dixon.

Star & Crescent recorded their 2nd win of the season with an 18 shot away win at Eastney, picking up 14 points.


In Div 3, Gas Social finally won their 1st game of the season, with a 9 shot home win over Naismith.

At the top, Water Co are still undefeated, following their 14 shot Home win over Bridgemary, based around Pete Musson’s 18 shot defeat of Vic Clark.

Copnor kept up their chase in 2nd spot by beating Pembroke Gardens by 15 shots at their Swordsands base. Dave Powe was Copnor’s star, with a 30-9 win over Trevor Watkins.

Hayling moved above Pembroke, following their 42 shot victory over the luckless Cosham at Hayling Park. This was the 2nd week running that Cosham have conceded over 100 shots – time to replace their defensive coach?


In Div 4, the top of the table clash between Emsworth and Bedhampton went the way of Emsworth, who claimed an 11 shot victory on their home turf.

Purbrook moved closer to Bedhampton, following their 19 shot away win at Phoenix, thanks to Richard Allens’ 18 shot win over Morley Stewart Jones.

In the remaining game, Post Office’s 7 shot victory over Forton kept Forton at the foot of the table.


2 June 2013

P&D Bowls News Report w/e 31st May


There were a few more surprises in the County Singles last week, with Fareham’s Mike Elliott and “Doreen” Bishop (as he is affectionately known) not making it past the 1st Round of the County Singles.


Meanwhile, the P&D’s version of football’s League Cup, the Rowland Hospital Cup (although with a longer pedigree) began last week. There was nearly a shock result at Purbrook Heath, where Purbrook lead College Park for most of the match. However, College’s greater experience told in the end, as they edged over the line winning by 3 shots.


In the P&D Leagues, every club was rewarded with the warmest day of the year so far (perhaps summer has started!).


In Div 1, Alexandra almost turned over Waverley in a tight game on their home green. However, Waverley snuck home by 3 shots, thanks to Paul Cooke’s 26-11 victory over Alan Sprake. And in a tight game, “Jon boy” Leggett and Barry Starks not only drew their match, but managed to finish the game with a Tied End (and you don’t often see one of them!)


Rowner were in involved in another tight finish, this time beating Denmead by 4 shots on their home turf, with both teams winning on 2 rinks.

In the other game of the night, College Park recovered from their tight defeat of the previous week to beat Priory at Milton Park, based around Dave Smith’s 14 shot victory over Arthur Newland.


In Div 2, Waterlooville are still unbeaten. They travelled to Crofton and won by 37 shots, winning all 4 rinks.

Lee-On-Solent moved into 2nd place after their 4 shot home win over Leigh Park.

Gosport’s away day into Portsmouth proved fruitful, as they defeated Star (still trying to get to terms with their new home) by 11 shots.

In the other game, the battle between the 2 clubs sharing the 2nd green at Milton Park went the way of Eastney, following their 31 shot victory over Milton Park.


In Div 3, it seemed that every club seemed to think that attack was the best form of defence, as teams did their best to outscore each other.

Water Co (also undefeated) had a 3 shot victory over Naismith at Swordsands in a match yielding 169 shots overall.

Hayling defeated Bridgemary 81-62, whilst Pembroke beat Gas 83-57.

Meanwhile, it was the match at Cosham that required digital scoreboards, as Copnor beat Cosham 103-80. This game featured a 30shots all Tie between Peter Moody and Paul Wallen!!

A game that would have had Alex Ferguson (sorry Sir…) tearing his hair out!!


In Div 4, Emsworth maintained their lead with a palindromic 94-49 victory over Phoenix at College Park

Bedhampton kept up the chase with an 11 shot victory over Post Office at Bidbury Mead, whilst Purbrook beat Forton by 36 shots at their home on the Heath.


Whilst it was fine and sunny for the League bowlers, the Combination teams felt the wrath of the weather on the Wednesday


In Comb 1, In Waverley Blue has broken away from the pack after their 27 shot victory over Milton Park.

In Comb 2, Gosport’s 23 shot victory over Waterlooville Green saw them take over the lead of the division.

In Comb 3, Fareham B won their 1st match of the season, defeating Priory C by 6 shots.

And Priory seem to have taken over from Milton in using an A Team skip to skip a rink.

In Comb 4, Purbrook Maroon are now top, after their victory over Phoenix, whilst ‘ville Brown were defeated by Eastney B

In Comb 5, Bedhampton B strengthened their position at the top by defeating Cosham Debs by 37 shots.


On the Midweek front, there is much wonderment as to what is going on at Vospers?

Having fought out last year’s Town title game, both of their sides are now in mid table.

Also, Cowplain are not having things their own way in the East section.



26 May 2013

P&D Bowls News Report w/e 24th May


After the Ivan Robb memorial week, we heard that his dear wife Beryl passed away last Monday. Beryl was Ivan’s Right Hand Woman during his long time as P&D Secretary, taking the result phone calls whilst he was still performing on the green and carrying on that function in the later years. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.




On the bowling front, last week saw the 2nd round of the Eastern Division County Club rounds. There were no shocks as the Home teams all won.

Through to the 3rd round are Gosport, Alexandra, Rowner, Milton Park, Priory, Fareham, Lee-on-Solent and Southsea Waverley.


In the County Competitions, the first surprise result has been seen, with Waverley Captain Alex Marchant beaten by Leigh Park’s Adrian Coen in the Singles.


In the P&D leagues, Vospers’ Div 1 game at Denmead fell foul of the weather, which meant that Waverley went back to the top of the table, beating Priory on all rinks 96-60. John Biggs lead the way, defeating Arthur Newland 29-8.

Fareham came back to earth with a bump when lost at Home 81-83 by Alexandra. Jonathon Leggett was the star for Alex, beating Martin Dubb 26-10 (Obviously Mike Coleman lost his lucky charm!).

At College Park, Rowner won a tight match on the very last end of the game, winning by 1 shot. 


In Div 2, Waterlooville maintained their 100% season, defeating Star 84-65, led by Joe Slatter’s 24-9 victory over Paul Whiffin.

Cowplain moved into 2nd place with an excellent 99-57 over Leigh Park at Front Lawn, based around Bryan          Franklin’s 28-9 win over Peter Robinson.

At Anglesey Gardens, Gosport defeated Milton Park 84-72, winning on 3 rinks.

The other match between Eastney & Lee-On-Solent also fell foul of the weather, as did all games in Div 3.


In Div 4, Emsworth lead the way, thanks to their 78-73 win at Forton. Bedhampton are chasing hard in 2nd place, defeating Phoenix 94-86 on their artificial surface.

In the remaining match, Post Office obviously enjoy playing at Purbrook, as they won for a 2nd time 82-78.


In the Combination Leagues, there were calls for digital scoreboards as big wins were recorded

at various games.

Leading the way was Waverley Blue’s Tony Ingram 51-3 win in their home match against Waterlooville Gold.

This was followed by:

Alex Blue’s John Rawlings 37-5 win at Denmead.

Naismith’s Mick Chandler 35-11 win at home against Gosport.

Pembroke’s Dave Brookes 41-8 win at Milton Park.



21 May 2013


This week...


The 2nd week of matches saw Division 1 teams enter the fray…..


Southsea Waverley gave notice that they don’t intend to loosen their grasp on the Peters Bowl by thrashing Denmead 103-57 at home. There were big wins for John Biggs (32-8) and Paul Cooke (35-14), whilst Tony Sewell gained Denmead’s rink points by beating Barry Starks.


However, they are not top of the table. That honour goes to Alex following their 83-59 home win over Priory, winning on all 4 rinks, led by John Leggett’s 27-13 victory over Tony Knellor.

Close behind is Fareham, who used home advantage to beat College Park 86-64. Cyril Friend led the way, defeating Dave Smith 27-20, despite almost becoming the 2nd rink this week to drop an Eight.

In the remaining game, at Northern Parade Vospers defeated Rowner 74-54, winning on 3 rinks. Marty Wake led the way for Vospers, defeating Graeme Coles by 16 shots, while Keith Gerrard gained Rowner’s point by beating Ray Porter 21-11.


In Division 2, Waterlooville have obviously found the knack of winning on proper grass, beating Cowplain, although only by a single shot, both teams winning 2 rinks each. It was the concerted finish by ‘ville on the last end of each rink that swung the balance, picking up 7 shots overall. Again, Dave Baxter was ‘villes top skip, winning by 19 shots.


Milton Park’s tactic of using their 1st Team skips in Combination matches is having mixed results for them. Last week, they were soundly beaten by Lee-On-Solent. This week, on home turf, they beat Star 92-69, each team winning 2 rinks, but it was Mick Molloy’s 34-14 victory over Steve Sprake that sealed the victory.


Lee-On-Solent carried on their good work from last week by defeating Crofton 97-59, Ray Cullen leading the way with a 14shot victory over K Thorpe. Ian Knowlton managed to get rink points for Crofton by winning his last 2 ends over Dave Heather.


In the other game, Leigh Park defeated Gosport 85-75 at Front Lawn, both teams winning 2 rinks. Paul Hatherley & Peter Robinson did the damage for Leigh Park, with Ken Kingston and Chris Hay responding for Gosport.


In Division 3, Water Company maintained their strong start to the season, beating Copnor by 8 shots at Swordsands. Water Co won 3 rinks, with Mick Edney’s 12 shot victory negating Terry Budd’s 11 shot win for Copnor.

Hayling Island and Naismith began their season with a close game at Hayling Park, with the home side winning by 2 shots. Each team won 2 rinks, with Ray Hoskins 11 shot win over Ben Brumby covering Bob Randall’s 18 shot loss to Kevin Boyd.

Cosham defeated Pembroke by 23 shots, with Mel Dunbar’s 19 shot victory being the highlight. Peter Cole got Pembroke’s rink points with an 8 shot win. 


In Division 4, Bedhampton made use of their new artificial surface by beating Post Office by 41 shots on the back of big wins by Mike Case (31-5) and Graham Thomas (32-11). However, the Postman rinks of George Aylwin and John Urry proved the surface was not insurmountable.

Purbrook were also big winners, defeating Forton by 33 shots at the Heath, whilst Phoenix are still looking for their 1st win as a club, going down to a 13 shot home loss to Emsworth, with George Eaglestone proving to be their main obstacle with his 13 shot victory over the home side’s John Hoad.


In the Combination Leagues, in Div 1, Waterlooville Gold made full use of their artificial surface by beating Milton Park B by 40 shots, thanks to Colin Braithwaite’s 4—16 demolition of Dave Saunders rink. Meanwhile ‘ville’s Brown team also used the surface to good effect in their Div 4 match against Phoenix, winning 81-41. For ‘ville, the high point was Bob Speight picking up an 8 over the luckless Mick Perry.

In other highlites from the Combination leagues, Fareham C maintained their good start to the season with another big win on the Gosport peninsula, this time over Lee-On-Solent B, taking them into 1st place in the Comb 1, on shot difference from Waverley Blue.

Meantime, Rowner proved it’s not just football clubs who gain the ire of officialdom. They have been docked 6 points for playing an ineligible bowler in their 1st match of the season.


In Comb 2, Water Co’s B Team are mirroring their 1st team by leading the division, having only lost 1 rink.


19 May 2013


P&D Bowls News Report w/e 17th May


My thanks to all those clubs who honoured Ivan Robb by having a minutes silence before the start of their matches last week.


In Div 1, Fareham rebounded from their poor performances of the previous week to hand Waverley their 1st defeat of the season 85-67. Waverley’s stars of the earlier matches were both beaten. John Biggs was beaten 15-23 by Charlie Bailey, whilst Paul Cooke went down 11-23 to Martyn Dubb. Barry Starks was Waverley’s sole winner, beating Cyril Friend 22-16.


I have it in good faith that this turnaround in Fareham’s fortunes was based solely on the return from holiday of Mike Coleman (oh and the fact that Tony Cole was unavailable due to him having vacation!)


That defeat meant that Vospers have taken over leadership of the division, following their 5 shot victory over College Park at Northern Parade. Once again, Vospers were reliant on Terry Smith’s rink, who delivered the goods defeating Dave Smith 34-8. College won the other 3 rinks.


There was another surprise at Alexandra BC, where Denmead came away victors 75-71, thanks to Paul Kennington’s 30-11 victory over Jonathon Leggett. An exciting game was settled by the 3 Paul picked up on the last end of the match.


In the other game in the Division, Rowner defeated Priory 78-71, despite only winning 1 rink. The win was thanks to John Bailey’s 30-17 victory over Arthur Newland.


In Division 2, Waterlooville again won away from home, this time at Milton Park. A close game was settled by 1 shot, ‘ville winning 81-80 thanks again to their star performer this season, Dave Baxter and his merry men, who defeated Mick Molloy 27-15.


Meanwhile, Star won their 1st game of the season, a resounding 91-58 victory over Crofton at their new home at Waverley BC.


That defeat leaves Crofton just above Eastney at the bottom of the division following Eastney’s 63-85 defeat away at Cowplain.


In the other game, Gosport dented Lee-On-Solents run, beating them 96-91.


In Division 3, Copnor moved into 2nd place by defeating Bridgemary 87-67 at Swordsands, based around Dave Powe’s 15 shot victory over Alan Bloxham.


Meanwhile, Pembroke defeated Naismith by 3shots 78-75, whilst Hayling beat Gas 84-71 at Hayling Park.


That defeat means that it is only Gas who haven’t won a match yet this season, as in Div. 4

Phoenix won their 1st game, defeating Forton 88-74 at College Park. That defeat moved Phoenix above Forton at the bottom.


At the top of the division, Emsworth took over from Bedhampton by defeating Post Office 93-74. Meanwhile Bedhampton were going down to a 76-83 defeat at Purbrook Heath.


There was another big shock in Combination 1, where Waterlooville Gold lost a match on their home “carpet” for the 1st time in over 2 years. Rowner B proved that it could be done, winning by 13 shots.


Dave W


14 May 2013

How things have shaped up so far...

Vospers had a curate’s egg of a week in Div 1. On Tuesday on their home green, they defeated Fareham by 16 shots, winning on 3 rinks. Terry Smith led the way for Vospers beating Dorian Bishop 30-11. Tony Cole got Fareham’s points, defeating Ray Porter 22-16. (Apparently the green was toooo fast for Fareham!)

Then, on the Friday, Vospers were defeated by Priory 69-76 at Milton Park. Pete Sansbury was Vospers only winning skip, while Tony Knellor took the honours for Priory, defeating Tuesday’s star Terry Smith 29-19.


Fareham’s week got worse as they were trounced by 52 shots at Denmead. The only Denmead rink who didn’t have a big winning margin was Paul Kennington’s, who dropped 12 shots over the last 6 ends, making Tony Cole’s defeat a respectable 2 shots. That was in stark contrast to Dorian Bishop, who dropped 11 shots in 2 ends, finally going down 16-30 to Glyn Jones. (This time, it was was toooo slow!)


College Park got on the winning track by defeating last week’s leaders Alex 91-71 on their home green, winning on 3 rinks. For Alex, John Leggett’s 15 shot win over Dave Smith was negated by Adrian Snook’s 15 shot victory over Alan Sprake, while Steve Feilder defeated Barry Harmer by 14 shots.


All of these results meant that another resounding win for Southsea Waverley by 47 shots put them back to the top of the pile, by shot difference over Vospers. This time, the sufferers were Rowner, on their home turf. Again, it was the rinks of John Biggs and Paul Cooke who led the way for Waverley.


In Division 2, Waterlooville maintained their 100% record, with 2 home wins over Leigh Park and Lee-On-Solent. They now lead the division from Lee-On-Solent, who defeated Star at their new home venue at Waverley. Star’s defeat leaves them still looking for their 1st win of the season.

In other games, Gosport played twice at home, thrashing Eastney by 67 shots, and then losing to Cowplain on the Friday (Cowplain thankfully having thawed out from the previous night’s County Club game).

Eastney recovered from the debacle at Gosport to beat Leigh Park at Milton Park by 21 shots.

And Crofton had a mixed week, defeating Cowplain, but then losing to Milton Park. Milton’s victory was thanks to Dave Biggs’ 41-9 win over Mike Whitefoot.


In Division 3, Water Company keep on winning, this time by 49 shots over Hayling Island at their Brockhampton Road green. They are now well clear of Naismith, who defeated Cosham 86-75 and Bridgemary, who lost 57-85 at Pembroke.


In Division 4, Phoenix are still looking for their 1st win, going down 58-95 at Post Office. Emsworth defeated Purbrook by 3 shots, whilst Bedhampton travelled to Forton and came away with a 20 shot victory.


It’s not all gloom at Phoenix though, as their B Team gained the new club’s 1st victory at Bridgemary’s expense in Comb Div 4.


And there must have been a very localised downpour at Milton Park, where Priory C had to call off their match with Pembroke, whilst on the neighbouring green, Milton Park B lost heavily to Lee On Solent B, despite using 3 A Team skips!


 - Dave