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2017 Season

Discover all the goings-on and what our roving reporter 'thinks' about the local league bowls scene...

Views From The Head - Final Edition 2017


The P&D Leagues have been completed settling the remaining issues.


In Combination Div.2, the one remaining promotion was settled last week.


Vospers went into their last match of the season knowing they had to beat Lee-On-Solent C at their Northern Parade home to snatch the Runners-Up spot from Milton Park B.


Unhappily for them, they couldn’t deal with the pressure, slumping to an 18shot, all rink defeat, leaving Milton as Runners-Up.


In the Midweek Triples League, the District Play-Offs were held between Cowplain Purple, the East Div. 1 winners, and Fareham, West Div. 1 winners.


In the two-legged final, Fareham had the benefit of playing at home, but, surprisingly, they couldn’t put it to good use as Cowplain won the match by 7shotsm 57-50.


In the return leg, Fareham managed to keep it tight at the start, holding Cowplain’s lead to a recoverable 8shots. However, the dreaded break for tea break did its worst for Fareham as Cowplain applied the pressure to run out winners by 18shots, leaving them the District Winners, 117-92.


The East 2 division has been won by Denmead Green, whilst the West 2 division was won by Forton.


Finally, the Midweek Combination division was won by Bridgemary, for the 7th time in 9years, with Cowplain Blue finishing as Runners-Up.


Views From The Head: Dateline Aug 27th


To quote from the famous Paul Anka, Francois, Lucien Thibaut & Jacques Revaud song (bonus point if you can name it deduction of 5 if you can’t – shame on you)


    “And now, the end is near and so I face the final curtain…”


 - things really are drawing to a close this season. However, last week did see quite a few matches played that had to be rearranged (mostly) ‘cos of the late summer monsoons, as follows:


In Division 1, Waverley ended their season with a 9shot away win at Vospers winning on 3 rinks.


In Division 2, Pembroke Gardens ended their season with a home 72all draw with Denmead, for which they had to thank the 12shot win on Terry Hayward’s rink as that was their only winning rink.


In their final match, Portsmouth Water and Purbrook Heath fought themselves to a standstill as their match finished in a 75all tie both clubs winning on 2rinks.


In Division 3, Naismith celebrated winning the division with a 14shot, all rink win over Bridgemary in a game that had been abandoned in mid July.


Phoenix & Forton ended their season’s efforts with a big home win for Phoenix by 47shots, led by John Timmins’ rink.


Combination Leagues

A few more items have been settled in the Combination Leagues, as follows:


Comb 1

Priory B just managed to win the division as they scraped a 59all HOME draw with Waterloovile Gold team. Here’s my roving eye in the sky report:

 - “Talk about a ‘Brown Trousers Job’, we took it down to the last wood to ensure we got the points required. Our 1st rink to finish got a win and 2 points, the next were all square going into last end until a certain person moved the jack back to them to leave us 2down and that was how it finished, whilst the final rink needed two on the last end to earn us the draw overall. Amazingly, another certain person (who may have borne a certain resemblance to the other) drew shot and then, with the final wood of the game our gallant skip (well that’s what he told me to say) drew another to get us the two shots we required to ensure the draw and the match points required to win the division. It was some time before I untied the strings at the bottom of my trousers!!”


The battle for Runners-Up spot was between 3 teams; Lee on Solent B, Waterlooville Green & Waverley Blue with both Lee & Waverley having an extra match to play over ‘ville AND ‘ville had inflicted themselves by playing too many League players in an earlier match.


As fate would have it, Waterlooville Green  and Lee on Solent B had to play each other on the ‘ville carpet and it was the Greens that strained to win by 40shots, not surprisingly picking up all the points.


Meanwhile, Waverley Blue were sticking the knife into Alex Red, beating them by 23shots, which consigned their old rivals to Comb 2.


So, it was now all down to the final match where Lee were hosting Waverley in a winner takes all game, although Lee HAD to get all 12points to take Runners-Up spot, Waverley just had to win.

However, Waverley fell sickenly short by ½shot as Ollie was let down by 5players dropping out during the day so had to field 1short, which meant that they actually lost the Runners-Up spot to ‘ville Green on Shot Difference (4shots!!)


Comb 2

Priory C completed their division winning season with a comfortable 12shot home win over College Park.


Milton Park B put themselves in the driving seat for promotion with a 10shot away win over Alex Red, winning on 2rinks. However, they spoilt by losing at home to Vospers by 3shots, which meant that Vospers now have a chance of promotion themselves if they beat Lee-On-Solent C.


Any hopes Waterlooville Brown had for promotion was lost as they constantly shot themselves in the foot by playing too many League players in their matches, not once but thrice!!!!!


At the bottom it was obviously Gosport being kind to the relegated clubs as, first of all, they gave College Park cause for celebrations as they finally won a match by 25shots. They then lost to Pembroke by 6.


Comb 3

Leigh Park made its bid for promotion with a 3shot, 2rink away win at Denmead and then had to wait at home to see what Naismith B would do.


Naismith’s challenge for the 2nd promotion spot didn’t start well as they lost at home to Star by 20shots, picking up 2points for their solitary rink win. However, they made up for it with a 22shot home win over Milton Park C and the 10points they picked up from the match meant they pipped Waterlooville Red on shot difference to win the division.


So ‘ville will be needing squads for both their Comb 1 & Comb 2 teams next year.


Comb 4

Remember that possibility of seeing pigs in the skies I mentioned last week?


Well Cosham Park B fell at the 1st hurdle with an 8shot, all rink away defeat at Emsworth, following that up with a 10shot, all rink home defeat by Purbrook Heath, which guaranteed Purbrook promotion and finally, for good measure to keep things even, lost at home again to Gas by 6shots.


Those wins for Purbrook & Gas meant that they were both promoted and, in their penultimate match of the season, Purbroook took the Comb 4 title with an emphatic all rinks home win over Bridgemary, led by Bob Docker’s rink.


The other two teams who had mathematical chances of getting one of the promotion places both failed when the pressure was on:

  - Fareham B lost their home game against Naismith C by 2shots, which is even narrower than it looks as they drew on 2rinks – the comebacks that all 3 of their rinks made on the final ends just falling short.

  - Portsmouth Water had the hardest task as they had to travel to Cowplain – and they duly lost by 24shots picking up a single point.


At the bottom, Cosham Park C picked up the “Wooden-Spoon”.


Midweek Triples


The two legged Town Play Final was held last week between Vospers Blue & Red teams.

The 1st leg was a close affair, with the Reds just overcoming the Blues by 1shot, 49-48.

However, the 2nd leg saw the Blues run away with it, completing a 23shot victory 57-34, leaving them the Town winners by 105-83.


Views From The Head: Dateline Aug 20th


Things are drawing to a close in the Leagues as the season nears its end. Last Monday should have been the last round of matches for the season but the monsoons that have been swamping the greens during the season meant that there were a load of matches later in the week that would have a major bearing in the outcome in most of the divisions.


In Division 1, Waverley celebrated regaining the title with a 4shot away win at the home of last year’s champions Alexandra. Mind you it was all down to the 14shot win on Gary Stark’s rink as they lost on the other 3rinks. Alex will be glad when the season is over as it’s been a bad 2nd half for them although they have managed to finish Runners-Up.


All of the attention was at the bottom of the table as clubs fought to avoid dropping into Division 2.


Cowplain did all they could as they stormed to a 47shot, all rink home win against Milton Park. They needed to get all 16points to give themselves any chance of avoiding relegation. At halfway it didn’t look good as they down on 2rinks, badly on one of them, whilst the other two were well ahead. However, from then on things vastly improved for the carpet men. From being 2-12down, Dave Luffman’s men completely turned it around in the next 11ends to lose only one more end, whilst 21shots themselves to end up 10shot winners. Meanwhile, a 6 on the 9th end for Dave Wildman’s rink got their motors running so that they ended up 9shot winners. Meanwhile, the rinks of Bryan Franklin & Graham King kept the pressure up as they win by 22 & 6shots respectively.

All that Cowplain could now do was wait for the other results to come in.


And there was good news from Rowner who managed to record only their 2nd home win of the season as they beat Lee-On-Solent by 21shots, thanks to big wins on the rinks of Phil Pinder and Barry Stafford. The only glimmer of hope for the Solent men was that picked up 4points from the match thanks to rinks of John Pullinger & Dave Heather. The win meant that Rowner were staying in Div. 1 for another season.


However, that was the last of the good news for Cowplain as the results from Fareham & Waterlooville arrived.


Fareham carried on last week’s good work by beating Vospers by 27shots and nearly getting all 16points from the match at their Recreation home. Fareham’s victory was led by Lee Cunningham’s rink, whilst Ray Porter’s quartet did manage to prevent the whitewash by picking up 3shots on the last 2ends to tie their game.

After being in the bottom three for most of the season, Fareham’s  late run of success saw them move above the relegation zone. Vospers should also be safe unless results really go against them


Meanwhile, Waterlooville recovered from their pasting last week to beat Priory by 14shots at their Jubilee Park home. They victory was down to the large wins on the rinks of Peter McWilliam & Derek Holt.


All of these results meant that the rearranged game between Lee-On-Solent and Milton Park could well have decided which of those two get relegated, whilst Waterlooville needed to beat Rowner when they returned to complete the remaining ends from their abandoned match.


And Waterlooville duly saved themselves from relegation after they completed a 35shot all rink victory against Rowner. They did have the benefit of taking a 29shot lead into the restarted game as well as being up heavily on 3rinks so it would have taken a lot from the Rowner men to overturn that sort of deficit (although some might say bloody useless peninsularites).

That result consigned Cowplain to Div. 2 for the 2018 season.


It also meant that the match between Lee-On-Solent and Milton Park became a winner-takes-all in sorting out who joined Cowplain in Div. 2. And it was Milton who wilted under the pressure as the solenteers ran out 22shot winners, led by Martin Ellis’s rink. Only Steve Watt’s Milton rink saved some pride as they scrambled a tie.


In another rearranged game, Vospers lost at home to Alexandra by 28shots but the rink win by Terry Smith’s men ensured Vospers safety. The win also guaranteed Alex of Runners-Up spot.


Finally, Rowner’s Barry Stafford ensured he had a good birthday bash as he led his club to a 26shot home win over Priory, picking up 15points in the process.



In Division 2, Leigh Park went into their away match at Denmead knowing that if they got 6points from it they would be assured of promotion but they almost made a pig’s ear of it. With one end to go, they had lost on 3rinks and although their rink led by Geoff Anderson was winning by 7shots, they were 2down on the match. Worse, with 1wood to go they were down in the head. What happened next depends on whose point of view you take. Herewith the comments I received (I’ll let you work out who said what).

 - Viewpoint 1 - “With 1wood left to be bowled in the match Geoff Anderson’s rink was 1 down in the head, meaning Leigh Park would lose the game. However, he kept his cool to run the jack back for 3 shots to!!!!!!!!”

- Viewpoint 2 - “Down on the match and game, Geoff Anderson closed his eyes and fired, which resulted in him cutting the jack back. After a rather long measure, Leigh Park ended up with 3shots”


Because of results elsewhere (see below) that single shot resulted in Leigh Park taking the Div. 2 title.


What has gone wrong at Gosport. A fortnight ago they looked odds-on for promotion. Then, in the space of four days they have suffered two home defeats by almost identical scores. After last week’s defeat by Portsmouth Water, Hayling Island beat them by 2shots. Ken Kingston’s men did their best for Gosport, winning by 14shots, but that was offset by the 10shot win on the Hayling rink of Mark Hollis. The match was secured for Hayling by Dave John’s quartet.


Meanwhile, Bedhampton were also making full use of Gosport’s stumbles as they put their bid in for promotion with their 49shot home win against Portsmouth Water. The surprise from the match was the 1shot win on Neville Henley-Smith’s rink for the water-boys over Bedhampton’s rink of the year as their compatriots were all losing heavily.


All those results mean that Gosport, who should have been planning for Div.1 status, needed to get all the points from their final match at home to Div.2 winners Leigh Park.

Three of their rinks did their best as they all won, but their combined winning scores couldn’t offset the 13shot defeat inflicted by Leigh Park’s Roy Collins rink only match it, so they only picked up 10points from the game.


That meant that Gosport would be spending another year in Div.2 whilst Bedhampton would be making their debut in Div. 1.


Or attention now turns to the bottom of the table where College Park and Purbrook Heath were hoping to avoid relegation.


Purbrook travelled to Star, not an easy place to win lately. In a match where defence meant little with both clubs gaining large wins on 2rinks, it was the stunning 25shot win secured by Mike Frank’s rink that took Purbrook to a much needed win. (Wonder how much cash changed hands???)


Meanwhile, in Old Portsmouth, College Park travelled to Pembroke Gardens knowing that only a win against a club already relegated would give them any hope of avoiding the drop for the 2nd year in succession. President John Newton did his best as his rink earned a 15shot victory. But all that good work was outdone by his captain’s rink which slumped to a 14shot defeat and although the other two College rinks battled hard they both lost, meaning Pembroke took the game by 5shots, thereby consigning College Park to Div.3 next year with them.



In Division 3, with Naismith having the night off, Crofton travelled to Bridgemary hoping to win to go top and put pressure on Naismith as to who would win the division. But perhaps they had partied too hard over the weekend celebrating getting into Div.2 for only the 3rd time in their history as they slumped to a 14shot defeat only getting 1point from the game thanks to the tie on Pete Moody’s rink.


That defeat meant that Naismith had won the division with their feet up in front of the fire!!


Emsworth shook off the despair of missing out on promotion for the 2nd year running and vented their spleen by travelling to Phoenix and beating them by 31shots, winning on 3rinks led by Phil Tamba’s rink.


Finally, Gas Social ended their season with an 18shot home win over “Wooden Spoonists” Forton, who maintained their season’s record of not being able to field a full team. Leading the way for Gas was the rink of Graham Bryant, whilst at least Steve Anderson’s men gave Forton something to cheer about for the 2nd week running.


Combination Leagues

A few more items have been settled in the Combination Leagues, as follows:


Comb 1

It’s between Priory B and Lee-On-Solent B as to who wins the division. Waterloovile will have a big say in this as Priory have a home match against their Gold team, whilst the Green’s host LOS.


At the bottom, Rowner has been relegated and it doesn’t look good for Alex Blue as they need to take maximum points from their final match as Waverley Blue (not a lot of love between the 2 is there!!)


Comb 2

Priory C won the division a few weeks ago, but who goes up with them looks to be between Waterlooville Brown, Waverley Red and Milton Park B.


So interesting battles ahead as ‘ville’s last match is at home to Waverley Red; Milton finish with a home match against Vospers after travelling to Alex Red the night before.


Alex lost any hope of they had of promotion with their 11shot away defeat at Waverley (see what I mean about love lost).


At the bottom, Pembroke Gardens and College Park are relegated and College could set a record of not winning a single match. Currently they have just managed 2 draws.


THINKS: A promotion for ‘ville will make Comb 1 interesting next year with 3 ‘ville teams in it!!


Comb 3

Waterlooville Red guaranteed themselves of promotion with their final match of the season a home thumping of Star. Apparently the night before they had wound up Eastney, saying (loudly) that “easy win tonight chaps to get promotion”. Needless to say they lost.


Naismith B can overtake them for the title if they win both their remaining games against Star & Milton Park C. However, if they don’t win those games and Leigh Park wins its final match, then Leigh Park will make it a double celebration for the club.


At the bottom, both Phoenix and Denmead have been relegated.


Comb 4

There are still a number of clubs in with a chance of promotion but if Gas win their final game they are definitely promoted.


Purbrook Heath has 3games left to play so are probably in pole position for not only promotion but the title.


Portsmouth Water and Fareham B have a mathematical chance of getting one of the promotion places.


Also in with a (slight) chance is Cosham Park B as they have 3games left but as two of them area home games against Gas & Purbrook, well porcines may be observed traversing the firmament!!!!!!!!



Views From The Head: Dateline August 12th



In Division 1, Waverley regained the title they lost last year with an emphatic 42shot home victory over Waterlooville, winning on all rinks led by John Biggs’ quartet.


Alexandra’s defence of their title ended ended with a whimper after they suffered a 4shot away defeat at the hands of Milton Park. With Milton winning on 2 rinks and tieing a 3rd, their victory was down to the 18shot by Steve Watt’s rink which offset the 15shot defeat handed out by Danny Smith’s quartet.

 - The win for Milton should mean they escape relegation; however they do have to travel to Cowplain and finish their season with another away game at Lee-On-Solent.


At the bottom of the table, it doesn’t look good for Cowplain as they suffered two away defeats, only picking up 1point in the process.

 - Firstly, they suffered a 43shot beating at the hands of Priory.

 - Then, in a real “dog eat dog” game. They fell to an 18shot defeat with only the draw (which should have been a win) on Dave Wildman’s rink getting them their single point. Vospers had the 13shot victory for Pete Musson’s rink to thank for the size of their victory.


Fareham did themselves a power of good with 17shot, 3rink away win at Lee-On-Solent. Fareham had to thanks Cyril Friend’s rink for the size of their victory.


Finally, Rowner proved they prefer playing away from home after beating Priory by 2sots at Milton Park. With both club’s winning on 2rinks it was the 9shot victory garnered by Barry Stafford’s quartet that swung the match Rowner’s way.


Although not currently bottom, it does look like Cowplain are for the drop as the other teams around them have a game in hand on them. It’s hard to tell who goes with them as those in contention are playing each other in the next round of matches.



In Division 2, Leigh Park took over at the top of the table after defeating challengers Bedhampton by 41shots at their Front Lawn home. They won on 3rinks led by Mark Miller’s men and now need six more points to ensure themselves of promotion to Division 1.


Meanwhile, Gosport had a mixed time of it:

 - First of all they beat College Park in the completion of their abandoned game by 18shots, winning on 3 rinks.

 - However, they then suffered a surprise 5shot home defeat at the hands of Portsmouth Water, only picking up 3points from the game.

Those results mean that Gosport are 3points behind Bedhampton; but they do have a game in hand over them. However, that match is against Leigh Park - which could also be the game which decides who wins the division.


The watermens victory completed a good week for them as earlier, in a rearranged match, they got their revenge (well sort of) on their thrashing by Star with a narrow 3shot home victory that was a tale of 2rinks. In the Red Corner, Star’s Simon Filippi rink stormed to a 14shot win. Meanwhile, in the Blue Corner, Brent Riste’s Water rink counterpunched to a 16shot win which was the decisive point of the match.


At the bottom, Hayling Island dug themselves out of the relegation pit with two home wins.

 - Firstly, in their restarted match against Pembroke that had to be abandoned on the original date due to the deluge, they recorded a 58shot home victory with big wins on all 4rinks.

 - They completed the good work with another home win, this time by 13shots against Star & Crescent, thanks to big wins on the rinks of Mark Hollis & Neil Blacklin. Simon Filippi’s rink did their best for Star with their own big win.


Pembroke Gardens were relegated after they suffered a 35shot away defeat at the hands of Purbrook Heath. Purbrook won on 3rinks, led by Tony Wall’s men.


Finally, College Park gave themselves a little bit of hope in avoiding relegation with a 10shot home win over Denmead, winning on 3rinks led John Newton’s quartet.


It’s between College and Purbrook as to who joins Pembroke in Division 3 next year, with Purbrook having a game in hand.



In Division 3, Crofton assured themselves of promotion with a 26shot home win over Phoenix. Crofton won on the rinks of Doug Currie & Pete Moody, with George Russell & John Timmins winning for Phoenix.


Any hopes Emsworth had of promotion were snuffed out following their 14shot home defeat at the hands of Bridgemary. Starring for Bridgemary was the rink of Brian Adams which won the match for them with their 21shot victory.


It was a good week for Bridgemary as they followed up that win with another away win, this time by 7shots at Forton, a defeat that meant Forton will end the season with the “Wooden Spoon”. All the efforts of Steve Anderson’s men for Forton were to no avail as there 17shot victory was matched by Peter Cooper’s Bridgemary quartet, which meant that the 11shot win for John Collyer’s rink sealed it for the visitors.


In the remaining match played in the division, Cosham Park ended their season with a 15shot home win over Gas Social, thanks to big wins on the rinks of Roly Lane & Tony Hall.


Midweek Leagues

In the Town Section, Vospers has won both the Blue & Red divisions, so will be playing each other in the Section Play Off Finals to claim the Town title.


In the District Section, the East 1 Division has been won by Cowplain Purple, whilst the West 1 Division has been won by Fareham. The two meet each other in the Section Play Off Finals to see who claims the District title.

Meanwhile, Lee-On-Solent get the distinction of being the first club to be relegated in the Midweek leagues.


In East 2, it’s a two horse race between Denmead Green and Cowplain Orange as to who gains promotion into East 1, with Denmead having the whip hand and proving they can win Midweek matches after years of emulating the results of East Stirling FC!!.


In West 2, Forton lead the way from Crofton B, but there are still four rounds of matches to go.


In the Combination Division, it’s between Waterlooville, Bridgemary, Cowplain Blue and Portchester Black as to who claims the title, with ‘ville having to travel to Portchester & Bridgemary as their final games.



Views From The Head – Dateline 30th July



In Division 1, Waverley are closing in on regaining their title after their 27shot away win at Rowner, winning on 3rinks, led Mark Hammon’s rink while Barry Stafford’s quartet prevented the whitewash.


Alexandra had a good week securing 2wins.

 - On Monday, in a rearranged match, the recorded a 17shot home win over Milton Park. Both clubs won on 2 rinks, but the winning margins on the rinks of Carl Baggott & Barry Harman secured the victory for Alex.

 - Then, on Friday, they hammered Waterlooville by 58shots, again at home. Only Derek Holt’s rink prevented an Alex whitewash as they secured a tie whilst his fellow clubmates all lost heavily.


The other results all had a bearing on the relegation battle.


Waterlooville’s defeat meant they dropped to the bottom of the table as both Fareham and Cowplain recorded home wins, whilst Rowner’s defeat means they are also in the mire.


Fareham beat (the some at the bottom might say useless Miltonites) Priory by 5shots. With both clubs winning on 2rinks it was the 13shot win by the much maligned Bishop rink that turned the match Fareham’s way.


Meanwhile, Cowplain were beating Lee-On-Solent by 14shots, for which they had to thank the 26shot victory on David Luffman’s rink, whilst yours truly managed to record a win – there were a lot of shocked people in the home dressing room!!


Finally, Vospers did themselves a power of good with a 3shot away win over Milton Park with both clubs winning on 2rinks.


It is now extremely tight at the bottom with Lee-On-Solent, who lie 4th, only being 8points above the relegation zone.

 - The remaining matches for most of the clubs is going to be “dog eat dog” as they all have to play each other, although Vospers do have the honour of having to play both Waverley and Alexandra at home, whilst ‘Ville have to travel to Waverley themselves.


In Division 2, the match between the top 2, Leigh Park & Gosport was postponed along with the Pembroke v Denmead match.


With the top 2 not playing, it allowed Bedhampton to leapfrog them both to the top of the table thanks to their 58shot home win over College Park, thanks to the enormous wins on the rinks of Jamie Ward & John Brightman.


Star & Hayling did themselves a power of good in the relegation battle by both winning.


Hayling recorded a 21shot away win at Purbrook Heath, thanks to big wins on the rinks of the 2 David’s, Friend & Johns.


Star probably put the final nail in the hopes of Portsmouth Water gaining back-to-back promotions by defeating them by 30shots on their Waverley green. The watermen only picked up 1point from the match as Brent Riste secured a tie with Robbie Dennison, whilst Simon Filippi’s quartet showed the way with their 16shot win.


Promotion does appear to be between the top 3, with Leigh Park & Gosport having the advantage of having games in hand over Bedhampton.


At the bottom, it’s perm 2 from Star, Hayling, College Park, Purbrook & Pembroke but it doesn’t look good for Pembroke even with their game in hand over the others.

Next week’s rearranged matches could resolve some of these issues.


In Division 3, Naismith ensured themselves of promotion with a 3shot away win at Gas, the 7shot win on Alan Cobb’s rink proving the difference.


The big match in the division was Crofton’s visit to Emsworth, which went Crofton’s way as they recorded a 6shot victory, despite winning on 3rinks as the 14shot win recorded by Ian Knowlton’s rink was offset by the 16shot win recorded on the rink of Emsworth’s Allan Leppard.

The win gives Crofton the edge over Emsworth in gaining promotion.


Finally, Cosham Park recorded an excellent 5shot away win at Bridgemary, winning on 3rinks.


In the Combination Leagues, two things have been decided in Combination Div. 2.

 - Priory C has won the Division

 - College Park has been relegated to Comb 3.


Views From The Head – Dateline 24th July


Rowland Cup Aside

Priory probably won their Semi as they had fewer of their usual squad pot-hunting at Chichester then Alex!!



Last Friday’s matches suffered badly from the rain, with most of the matches being abandoned half way through. However a few games did survive.


In Division 1, only the match between Waverley and Fareham was completed, which resulted in a win for Waverley by 31shots. Waverley picked up 15points in the process to extend their lead at the top of the table and heaped more problems on Fareham at the bottom - perhaps that’s why Waverley insisted on carrying on!!



In Division 2, there were hardier souls as the matches at Leigh Park and Denmead were completed.


Leigh Park extended their lead at the top with a 36shot home win against Star & Crescent. Winning on 3 rinks, they had to thank the rinks of Paul Hatherley & Paul Robinson for the size of their winning margin.


Bedhampton moved into 2nd place with a 29shot away win at Denmead. They also won on 3rinks and the size of their victory was down to the winning margins on the rinks of Jamie Ward and Graham Thomas. Surprised this was played as usually the slightest drip from the skies has the phone ringing.



In Division 3, with leaders Naismith match against Bridgemary being abandoned and Crofton having the night off, Emsworth braved the elements at Forton to catch up on the top 2 with 24shot away win. They won on 3rinks, with Michael O'Reilly’s men leading the way.


Phoenix also made full use of the weather with a 32shot away win at Cosham Park, just failing to pick up all the points as George Russell’s rink just failed to pick up the 3 on the final end which would have won them the game, instead picking up 2 to tie it. Mind you Cosham could have won on another rink, but Chris Muller’s men let slip a 6shot lead over the last 4ends which was topped by dropping a 5 on the last end!


Views From The Head – dateline 16th July



In Division 1, Waverley had a bit of a struggle at Cowplain before finally ending up with a 6shot win. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, Waverley had to thank the 10shot victory by Gary Stark’s men.


Alexandra recovered from their defeat on the Solent to record a 31shot home win over Rowner. Alex won on 3 rinks, led by Steve Feilder’s quartet.


In the battle of Milton Park, Priory maintained their good recent run by beating neighbours Milton Park by 20shots on Milton’s green. They were only prevented from picking up all the points due to the brotherly love shown by Adrian Snook to sibling Gary in letting him get a single sot on the last end to tie their game.   


Waterlooville recovered from their defeat last week as they recorded a single shot away win at Fareham. Both clubs won on 2rinks, with the 12shot win for Richard Allan’s rink just outdoing the 11shot defeat handed out by Lee Cunningham’s men. The win lifted ‘ville out of the relegation spots above Fareham.


Vospers are now in the relegation mire. Despite their home draw with Lee-On-Solent, they only won on 1rink and tied another. The win certainly gave some breathing room to Lee at the bottom of the table. Actually, it could have been a lot worse/better for either club. With 1 end to go on each of the rinks, Vospers were 6shots down, but managed to score that across all 4rinks, the 2 on Pete Musson’s rink earning him a tie. So question is who cost which club by not getting the extra shot or losing the deciding shot??


Still, It’s tight at the bottom, with 7points covering the bottom 5clubs, but Rowner &

Lee-On-Solent could still be sucked into the relegation battle.



In Division 2, Leigh Park still top the table after a close 5shot away win at Purbrook Heath, picking up 13points in the process. The defeat dropped Purbrook into the bottom two.


Gosport maintained the pressure on Leigh Park with their 20shot home win over Denmead. They won on 3rinks led by Jim Oswell’s quartet.


Bedhampton remain 3rd after their 24shot away win at Pembroke Gardens. They also won on 3rinks, led by the 22shot win on Alan Greenhouse’s rink.


At the bottom of the table, Star&Crescent and Hayling Island did themselves a power of good as they both recorded good home wins over College Park and Portsmouth Water respectively.

Bothe clubs win on 3rinks, with Robbie Dennison’s men leading the way for Star, whilst Neil Blacklin’s rink doing the honours for Hayling.



In Division 3, leaders Naismith remain top after their 8shot away win at Phoenix, picking up 13points in the process.


Crofton kept up with the leaders with their 19shot home win over bottom club Forton and they also have a game in hand over Naismith.


Emsworth recovered from their defeat the previous week with an 18shot home win against Cosham Park, moving back into 3rd spot


Views From The Head dateline 9th July


In Division 1, Milton’s run ended as they came up against the Waverley juggernaut, falling to a 36shot away defeat. Waverley won on all rinks, led by Mark Hammond’s quartet.


The win extended Waverley’s lead at the top of the table to 26points as Alex tripped up again, this time at Lee On Solent by 6shots. Although Alex had 2good winning rinks, they were outdone by the 20shot defeat suffered at the hands of Martin Ellis’ rink

Alex’s season reminds me of that old The New Christy Minstrels song “Three Wheels On My Wagon".


Rowner’s home woes continued as they fell to a 5shot defeat at the hands of lowly Fareham. The wins on the rinks of Cyril Friend & Lee Cunningham outdoing the defeats by Barry Stafford’s & Phil Pinder’s rinks.


Priory took advantage of Rowner’s slip up to move into 3rd spot with their 11shot home win over Vospers. Priory won on 3rinks, led by Adrian Snook’s quartet.

The defeat leaves Vospers hovering just above the relegation zone.


Finally, Waterlooville dropped to the bottom of the table after their 3shot home defeat at the hands of neighbours Cowplain. Cowplain’s win was thanks to the rinks of David Luffman & Bryan Franklin, with Richard Allen’s rink replying for ‘ville.

Although the win didn’t lift Cowplain out of the relegation zone they are now level on points with Fareham. But it’s tight at the bottom, with 12points covering the bottom 6clubs.



In Division 2, Gosport were toppled from top spot after they fell to a 13shot away defeat on Bedhampton’s carpet. Bedhampton won on 3rinks, led by John Brightman’s men. Gosport had to thank Tony Horne’s men again for gaining them their 2points from the game. Obviously a week spent practising on their own carpet did them some good!!!


That defeat meant that Leigh Park took over top spot after their 42shot, all rink home win over Hayling Island, led by the rink of Mark Miller who won by 16shots.


The result dropped Hayling into the relegation spots as Purbrook Heath did themselves a power of good with an excellent 44shot away win at College Park. They won on 3rinks, led by Mike Frank’s quartet. Only Alan Taw’s men spared College’s blushes.


Things are not looking good for Pembroke Gardens as they fell to another heavy defeat, this time by 30shots at Portsmouth Water. The waterboys won on all 4rinks, led by big wins on the rinks of Brent Riste and Mick Edney. I bet Brant & Mick were glad to be back on their home surface after their ‘ammerin’ on (in their words) a good green in the Area Finals. And Colin Boyes has something to regale his customers with after managing to at last win a rink, I’m sure each telling shot will be retold for eons…..


Pembroke are now 22points from safety at the bottom of the table.


Finally, Denmead halted Star’s good run as they beat them by 13shots on their home turf. Denmead’s win was all thanks to Mike Wright’s quartet who beat Alan New’s combo by 25shots. (from saints to sinners in the space of a week)



In Division 3, leaders Naismith took on 3rd placed Emsworth at their Swordsands home and beat them by 8shots to stay top of the pile. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, Naismith had Chris Kircher’s rink to thank as they ran out 10shots winners.


Crofton maintained their excellent run with a 27shot away win at Cosham Park. They won on 3rinks, again led by Charlie Read’s quartet who won this week by 12shots.


With Emsworth being beaten, Gas Social moved into 3rd spot after their tight 4shot home win over Bridgemary. With both clubs recording big wins on 2rinks, Gas just edged it thanks to the wins recorded on the rinks of Derek Langford & Alan Larcom just seeing off the defeats handed out by the rinks of Alan Bloxham & Brian Adams.


Views From The Head July 2nd


National News

Waverley’s Matt Marchant spent last weekend in Belfast as part of England’s Senior team in the British Isles Championships. And it was excellent news as England retained the title they won last year as they beat Wales by 8shots, Ireland by 12 and the “auld enemy” Scotland by 6. Matt’s rink had a mixed time, winning against Wales, losing to Ireland and drawing with Scotland.



County News

There was more good news for Portsmouth bowlers in the new Men’s Junior (Under 25) Pairs, in the final of which was between Harry Hutchings & Danny Smith of Alexandra and Bradley Godden & Matt Sweetman of Rowner. It was the Alex pairing who became the 1st County Junior Pairs Champions as they ran out 24-5 winners, meaning they will now be representing Hampshire in the National Finals at Royal Leamington Spa on August 9th.


County Club

The East Area representatives for the Semi-Finals of the Hampshire County Club competition was settled last Sunday as Waverley went through after defeating old rivals Alexandra by 26shots. It was a close game up to the 15th end, with Waverley just in front by 2shots. They then applied the pressure so that, by the 18th end they were 19shots up overall, which effectively ended the game.



Rowland Cup

The Semi-Final line-up in the Rowland Cup was settled last week as Alexandra ‘B’, Priory, Cowplain ‘A’ and Bedhampton all won through their Quarter Finals.

In the Semi-Finals, being played at Milton Park on Sunday July 23rd, 10am start, Alex take on Priory on Milton Park’s green, whilst the carpet teams of Cowplain & Bedhampton meet on Priory’s green.




In Division 1, with Waverley’s game against Vospers postponed, Alexandra recovered from their 3game losing streak to beat Fareham at the Northern Parade home by 15shots. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, it was the 18shot win on Carl Baggott’s rink that swung the match Alex’s way.


Rowner moved into 3rd spot with their 14shot away win at Cowplain, getting their own back for their Rowland Cup defeat earlier in the week. While both clubs won on 2rinks, Rowner won heavier on the Graeme Coles & Phil Pinder rinks.


The defeat leaves Cowplain at the bottom of the table, a point behind Fareham.


Milton Park’s excellent recent form continued as they trounced Waterlooville by 47shots, winning on all 4rinks. The match featured two Milton rinks gaining “Hot Shots” – i.e. scoring the maximum 8shots on 1 end!! Another cause for celebration was that the win moved Milton into 4th spot. Obviously they remembered to flood their green before the match this time!!


Lee-On-Solent gave themselves some breathing room at the bottom of the table after beating Priory by 5shots at their Solent home. With the win on Martin Ellis’ rink offsetting the loss to Adrian Snook’s quartet, the slim win for Pete Gentry’s rink ensured the win for Lee.



In Division 2, Gosport took over at the top of the table after their double banker against Pembroke Gardens. In a rearranged match from an early season postponement, Gosport won at home by 35shots, winning on all rinks. They then went to Pembroke’s home to win by a single shot that was all down to the 11shot win by Tony Horne’s quartet, as it was their only winning rink.


Gosport are now 10points clear of Leigh Park who had an excellent 19shot away win over Portsmouth Water. Leigh Park won on 3rinks, led by Roy Collins troupe.


Last week’s leaders Bedhampton fell to a single shot defeat at Star, who had Alan New’s rink to thank for the win.


Hayling Island had mixed week. In a rearranged match, they fell to a 15shot away defeat at the hands of Portsmouth Water. However, on the Friday they defeated College Park by 9shot at their Hayling Park home, picking up 13points in the process. The good news was that the points gained from the 2matches moved them out of the bottom two.


Finally, Purbrook Heath dropped into the relegation spots with a 16shot home defeat at the hands of Denmead. They only picked up a single point from the game as John Burrowes’ rink battled to a 20all tie with Mike Wright’s men.



In Division 3, with Emsworth having the night off, Naismith had hopes of extending their lead at the top at Crofton in the night’s top game. However, that hope was quashed as Crofton’s excellent recent run continued as they won by 15shots. The victory was down to the 17shot win on Charlie Read’s rink. The win moved Crofton into 2nd spot but they are 19points behind Naismith.


In the other matches in the division, Gas had a 7shots, 3rink away win at Phoenix, whilst Forton recorded their 2nd win of the season with a 14shot home win over Cosham Park. However, the 4points Cosham gained from the match lifted them out of the bottom 2, above Bridgemary.


Views From The Head w/e 23rd June


A busy week for clubs as there were two games for most of them.


In Division 1, it was a week of mixed fortunes for the top 2, with Waverley recording 2 wins, while Alexandra lost on both nights.


On Monday, Waverley travelled to Priory and recorded a 19shots, all rink victory, led by John Biggs’ quartet. They followed that up with a 21shot home win over Lee-On-Solent, thanks to 11shot victories on the rinks of Mark Hammond & Matthew Marchant. Peter Gentry’s quartet prevented the whitewash with their 5shot victory for the Solent men.


After their drubbing at Waverley last week, Alex were hoping for better things but it didn’t pan out that way. On Monday, still short of some of their top players, they travelled to Cowplain and fell to a 15shot defeat, picking up 4points by winning on 2rinks. Starring for Cowplain were the rinks of Bryan Franklin & Graham King, who won by 18 & 13 shots respectively.

Then on Friday, they lost at home to Priory by 4shots in a strange match. After 15ends, Priory were 18shots down, trailing on 3rinks. However, they then fought back to edge in front by the 19th end and held onto that lead to the end. Starring for Priory was Adrian Snook’s rink which won by 10shots.


Priory’s win moved them into 3rd spot in the table - some distance behind the top two.


Like Priory, Rowner had a mixed week. On Monday, a 21shot away victory at Vospers put them in 3rd spot. They won on 3rinks, led by Graeme Coles' men. However, on Friday they then inexplicably lost at home to a resurgent Milton Park by 24shots. Milton won on 3rinks led by Gary Snook’s 15shot victory.


Milton’s week had started well as on Monday they had recorded an 11shot home win over Fareham, picking up 13points in the process. Those 2wins moved them out of the bottom 2.


It was a mixed week for the other teams at the bottom of the table.


Prior to their defeat at Waverley, Lee-On-Solent had started well by inflicting a 42shot home win against Waterloovile, winning on 3rinks with the size of their victory was thanks to the 32shot win on Martin Ellis’ rink.


Waterloovile themselves rebounded from that loss by beating Vospers by 32shots on their home carpet, winning on 3rinks led by Dave Baxter’s men. The defeat compounded a bad week for Vospers.


Finally, Fareham stopped Cowplain’s winning run with a 54shot home win, led by big wins on the rinks of Cyril Friend and Dorian Bishop. Graham King’s rink brought a little ray of sunshine for the Cowplain team with their 7shot win.


It’s tight at the bottom, with 13points covering the last 5teams.



In Division 2, it was topsy-turvy at the top of the table with a mixed bag of results all round.


Last week’s leaders Bedhampton ended the week still at the top despite having mixed results.  - On Monday, they suffered a bad defeat by 24shots at Hayling Island. Hayling had Michael Wooding’s rink to thank as they recorded a 20shot victory - not bad for someone making his debut in the 1st team as a skip!!

 - However, Bedhampton recovered from that reverse by making full use of their carpet by beating Purbrook Heath by just shy of 100shots, led by an eye-popping 46-9 victory on Graham Thomas’ rink.


However, they only lead the division by shot difference from Leigh Park who had an excellent week.

 - On Monday, they got over their surprise defeat last week by beating College Park by 22shots. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, it was the 17shot win for Paul Hatherley’s men that swung the game Leigh’s way

 - Then, on Friday they travelled to Old Portsmouth and returned with a 48shot victory over Pembroke Gardens, not surprisingly winning on all rinks with big wins on the rinks of Geoff Anderson & Paul Hatherley.


Gosport lie 3rd 2points behind the top two after their own mixed week.

 - They briefly took over top spot after their 25shot, 3rink away win at Purbrook Heath on the Monday, led by Jim Oswell’s rink.

 - However, they then fell to a surprising 3shot home defeat at the hands of Star & Crescent, who had Alan New’s rink to thank after their 16shot win.


Portsmouth Water and Denmead are tied in 4th spot after each recorded a Win and a Loss.

 - They met on the Monday, with Portsmouth Water halting Denmead’s good run by defeating them by 10shots at their Havant home, thanks to good wins on the rinks of Mick Edney & Allan Sprake.

 - But the watermen then went down to a surprising 10shot away defeat at College Park. College won on 3rinks, led by Alan Taw’s 12shot victory.


Denmead meanwhile recovered from their defeat by recording a tight 5shot home win over Hayling, which was all due to the 17shot victory recorded by Gary Farmer’s rink, their only winning rink.


Finally, it was a really bad week for Pembroke Gardens, as they had started it with an 81shot thrashing at the hands of Star & Crescent at their Waverley home. Not surprisingly, Star had big wins on all 4rinks, led by Robbie Dennison’s quartet.

I’m wondering if Pembroke have set a new record by dropping a total of 236shots in successive games – have to get onto the team at Guinness!!



In Division 3, Naismith extended their lead at the top of the table despite being another club to have a mixed week. On Monday, they fell to a surprising 12shot away defeat at Cosham Park on Monday. Cosham’s victory was thanks to big wins on the rinks of Tony Hall & Chris Muller.

However, they got over the shock of that defeat with an 18shot, 3rink home win over Forton, thanks to a 19shot by Chris Kircher’s rink. Forton back to bad practices playing 1short again.


Naismith’s lead was helped by Emsworth falling to an 8shot away defeat at Gas Social. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, it was the 21shot win on Alan Larcom’s rink that swung the match Gas’s way.


Gas certainly won’t be in Emsworth’s Christmas card list as on Monday they had lost by 26shots at Crofton. The win, which extended Crofton’s good run of form, was thanks to a 23shot win on Charlie Read’s rink. Crofton now lie 3rd, 1point behind Emsworth.


Finally, Phoenix now lie 4rth in the table after recording an impressive 17shot away win at Bridgemary. Although they won on 3rinks, they had to thank the 15shot win on Tom Slight’s rink that covered the 19shot loss suffered at the hands of John Collyer’s quartet.


Views From The Head, 19th June



The P&D Leagues have reached the half-way point and in Division 1, the top fixture was the clash between the top 2 in Southsea between Waverley and Alexandra. It resulted in Waverley taking over top spot with an all rink, 40shot win, led by the 22shot win for Gary Stark’s rink.


Vospers maintained 3rd spot with an 8shot home win over Fareham. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, it was the size of the victories on the Vospers’ rinks of Dave Harding & Pete Musson that swung it their way. At least Fareham had the consolation that the Friend & Bishop rinks managed to win.


There was an exciting match at Milton where Priory beat Waterlooville by 2shots thanks to the 3shots picked up by Mick Jinman’s rink on the final end of the match. A tight match in all respects as 2rinks were drawn with each club winning on 1rink. What really swung the game Priory’s way was that each of their rinks won the final end of their games.


Rowner had an excellent 25shot away win at Lee-On-Solent, winning on 3 rinks, led the 14shot victory from Keith Gerrard’s quartet.


Cowplain carried on the good form from last week to record their 1st away win against Milton Park. Cowplain won by 11shots and on 3rinks, led by the 14shot win on Bryan Franklin’s rink.

The victory moved Cowplain out of the bottom two and made Milton the “strongest” team in the division, well they are holding all the others up!!


It was strange though that the Milton clubs both chose NOT to water their greens when they were playing to carpet clubs!! I was told by a miltonite that “if it had been me I’d have swamped the greens!!



In Division 2, both of the top 2 lost, Bedhampton at Portsmouth Water, Leigh Park surprisingly at home to Denmead.


Bedhampton’s match with Portsmouth Water was an extremely close affair, as they lost the game by 1shot. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, what swung it the watermen’s way was the comeback on Mick Edney’s rink, who picked up 8shots on the last 3ends, and the 4shots by Neville Henley-Smith’s quartet.


Meanwhile, at Front Lawn, Denmead defeated Leigh Park by 3shots. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, Glyn Jones’ quartet were the “magik men” for Denmead with their 12shot victory. Denmead are starting to be a bogey team for the parkites, as a defeat in their penultimate game against them last season cost them promotion!


Despite their defeat, Bedhampton still retained top spot, but only on shot difference as

Gosport moved into 2nd spot with a 19shot away win at Hayling Island, thanks to the wins on the rinks of Ken Stanbury & Ken Kingston.


At the bottom of the table, Star couldn’t quite follow up last week’s demolition of Hayling Island, as they fell to a 1shot defeat at Purbrook Heath. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, it was the 12shot victory for Purbrook’s Tony Claydon rink that covered the 10shot defeat by Star’s Paul Whiffin rink that got Purbrook home.


Finally, another close game saw College Park defeat Pembroke Gardens by 3shots, thanks to 19shot win on Alan Lewis’ rink, a win that gives College some breathing room over the bottom two.



In Division 3, Naismith are 12points clear at the top. Whilst they were at home with their feet up, Emsworth were suffering a 25shot home defeat at the hands of Phoenix. Phoenix’s win was all down to George Russell’s rink as they recorded a 43-7 victory - hope the scoreboard went to 50shots!!


That defeat enabled Crofton to again close the gap to Emsworth as they beat Bridgemary by 15shots on their home turf. Both clubs won on 2rinks but the 16shot win for Ian Knowlton’s rink did all the damage for Crofton.


Finally, Forton recorded their 1st win with a 4shot home win against Gas Social. Again the rinks were shared, with Forton thanking Steve Anderson’s quartet as their 14shot victory coupled with the win on Ray Mansfield’s rink covered the 17shot loss suffered at the hands of Derek Healy’s Gas rink.


So how’s it going in the other Leagues?


Well, in the Combination Leagues, Priory B top the table in Comb 1 by 9points from Lee-On-Solent B. At the bottom are Waverley Blue and Rowner.


In Comb 2, Priory C are matching their brethren, leading by 15points from Waterlooville Brown (may make an interesting Comb 1 next year!!). At the bottom, to use a Corporal Frazer saying, College Park Green look “doooooomed”, only picking up 5points from their 7matches. Pembroke Gardens are also in the relegation zone.


In Comb 3, Naismith B lead by 3points from Waterlooville Red, whilst Eastney & Denmead are propping up the others.


In Comb 4, Cosham Park B lead by 5points from Purbrook Heath Maroon, whilst their C team brothers are currently holding the “Wooden Spoon”.


In the Midweek Leagues, the Town Section has some surprises.


In the Blue division, Pembroke are 10points clear of Alex, but Vospers do have 2games in hand.


In the Red division, last year’s Town Champions College Park are 3rd from bottom, but do have 2matches in hand on leaders Vospers and Alex.


In the District Section, Bedhampton lead East 1 by 7points from Cowplain Purple, all the purple-people-eaters do have 2games in hand. Waterlooville currently sit in the relegation spot. In East 2, Denmead Green are 18points clear at the top (mind you their Brown team are keeping up the record of not winning a game!!)


In West 1, Gosport A are 5points clear of Fareham, with Lee-On-Solent in the relegation spot.

In West 2, Forton are in the promotion spot, 14points clear of Fareham Cream.


In the Combination Division, Waterlooville lead Bridgemary by a solitary point, with Bedhampton Red 4points back in 3rd.


Views From The Head w/e 9th June


In Division 1, Waverley took advantage of Alexandra’s game having been postponed to draw level on points with them at the top of the table by inflicting another heavy defeat on Waterlooville on their home carpet. Waverley won by 25shots, thanks the wins on the rinks of John Biggs & Barry Starks.


Alex are top by virtue of having a better shot difference and now have that important game in hand. Interestingly, it’s only the top 2 who have a positive shot difference!!


Cowplain managed their 2nd win of the season at home to Vospers by 15shots. It was a close game at the halfway point but then David Luffman’s rink applied the pressure on their Vospers’ opponents to finally win by 19shots. Cowplain won on 2 other rinks, Ray Porter’s quartet replying for Vospers.


Fareham also recorded their 2nd win of the season, by a 6shots at home to Lee-On-Solent, thanks to the 12shot win on Lee Cunningham’s rink.



In Division 2, Bedhampton took over at the top with a 12shot home win over previous leaders Leigh Park. The win was thanks to John Brightman’s rink which won by 16shots.


Gosport moved above Portsmouth Water into 3rd spot after they beat them by 2shots at the Water Company. With both clubs winning on 2 rinks, it was the 19shot win for Ken Kingston’s rink that led to Gosport winning the match.


Denmead won again at home, this time by 15shots against College Park. Both clubs won on 2rinks, so the 17shot win for Mick Wright’s rink turned the match Denmead’s way.


At the bottom of the table, Star did themselves a power of good by thrashing Hayling Island by 63shots at their Waverley home, thanks to big wins on the rinks of Paul Whiffin & Simon Filippi.


Finally, Purbrook Heath moved out of the bottom 2 after their 25shot away win at Pembroke Gardens, thanks to the large wins on the rinks of Tony Wall & Tony Claydon.


But it’s close at the bottom with only 11points covering the bottom five.



In Division 3, with both top clubs (Naismith & Emsworth) having the night off, Crofton closed the gap to them with their 15shot away win at Phoenix. Both clubs won on 2rinks, so it was the 19shot win for Pete Moody’s rink that swung the match Crofton’s way.


Bridgemary just managed to beat Forton by 2shots on their home turf. The victory was all due to Pete Cooppers rink as that was their only winning rink. Good news was that Forton fielded a full side for only the 2nd time this season. Did mr president’s pep talk have anything to do with it?? (Apparently Forton’s woes are due to “a lack of apathy” {sic})


Finally, Gas beat Cosham Park by 12shots at their Northern Road home, winning on 3rinks led by Mike Hatchard’s quartet. The win lifted Gas out of the bottom two.


Views From The Head 4/6/2017



In Division 1, Alexandra maintained their hold on top spot after they inflicted possibly the worst home defeat Waterlooville have suffered on their carpet. Alexandra won by 31shots, led by the big wins on the rinks of Steve Feilder and Marty Wake. They almost bagged all the points, captain Carl Baggott just failing to score the 3 on the last end which would have meant them winning their match instead of merely tying.


Waverley recovered from their shock defeat last week by giving Rowner a sound thrashing to the tune of 44shots, thanks to big wins on the rinks of Matt Marchant & Gary Starks.


Vospers took advantage of Rowner’s defeat to move into 3rd spot by beating Milton Park by 34shots at their Northern Parade home. They won on all 4rinks, led Pete Musson’s quartet.


Fareham couldn’t maintain their form from last week’s surprise win as they fell to a 3shot away defeat at Priory. Charlie Bailey’s 10shot win couldn’t cover the losses on the other three Fareham rinks.


Finally, the battle of the bottom two went conclusively Lee-On-Solent’s way as they gathered all the points from their 36shot home win over Cowplain, a result that leaves Cowplain firmly rooted to the bottom of the table, while moving the solenteers out of the bottom two.


Did anyone see last week’s News report?? Lucky for them that Mr Hammond had just transferred to Waverley - or were they pointing the finger for the cause of Waverley’s defeat???



In Division 2, the top match was at Front Lawn, where Leigh Park took on leaders Gosport. The match certainly went Leigh Park’s way as they won by 22shots winning on all rinks, led by Roy Collins’ men. The victory took Leigh Park to the top of the table, Gosport dropping to 3rd.


Bedhampton maintained 2nd spot after their 11shot away win at College Park. They won on 3rinks, led by John Brightman’s quartet.


Denmead had an excellent 19shot home win over Pembroke Gardens, winning on 3rinks led by Mick Wright’s men.


Finally, Hayling Island moved out of the bottom two after their 25shot home win over Purbrook Heath, winning on 3rinks led by David Johns’ quartet.



In Division 3, the top two both won, with leaders Naismith defeating Gas Social by 34shots at their Swordsands home, whilst Emsworth travelled to Crofton and won by 11shots, both clubs winning on 3rinks.


Bridgemary had a 4shot away win over Cosham thanks to the 18shot victory for Brian Adams’ rink. (wonder if he is still serenading Princess Diana in his dreams?)


Finally, Phoenix defeated Forton by 17shots, which was all down to George Russell’s rink which won by 37shots, their only winning rink!!


Views From The Head w/e 26th May



In Division 1, Waverley stay at the top was short lived after they travelled to bottom club Fareham and suffered a shock 14shot defeat. Fareham won on all rinks in an extremely close match, where the turning point came in the Dorian Bishop v Gary Starks, where Bishop turned a 6shot deficit into an 8shot lead in the course of 3ends where his rink picked up 14shots, giving Fareham their 1st win of the season. - I was given a blow by blow account of the turnaround but must admit I fell asleep listening to it and have forgotten it all!!


Alexandra regained top spot with an all rink 44shot home win over Vospers, led by the 16shot win for Barry Harman’s men.


Rowner remain 3rd but only just above Waterlooville. The two met at Rowner’s green and it was ‘ville who returned home with the spoils after a 6shot win. ‘Ville only won on 1rink, so their victory was all down to Dave Baxter’s quartet which won by 16shots.


In the other games, Milton Park beat Lee-On-Solent by 6shots thanks to Andy McKain's 25shot victory, whilst Priory had a tense 6shot away win at Cowplain, leaving Cowplain bottom of the table.



In Division 2, Gosport maintained top spot with a 46shot all rink home win College Park, led by Jim Oswell’s rink.


Bedhampton are now 2nd after their 53shot, all rink home win over Denmead. The margin of victory was all down to the 35shot win for Jamie Ward’s men.


Leigh Park are now 3rd, despite their 3shot away win at Star. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, it was Paul Hatherley’s rink that won it for the Front Lawn team. ah ha took my advice and moved mr Dixon back to lead!!


Portsmouth Water had an excellent 31shot away win at Purbrook Heath, winning on 3rinks led by the 23shot victory for Alan Sprake’s rink.


Finally, Pembroke defeated Hayling Island by 3shots at their Old Portsmouth home, with both clubs having big rink rinks that cancelled each other out.



In Division 3, leaders Naismith recovered from last week’s defeat as they travelled to Bridgemary to win on all rinks by 26shots, despite playing 1short.


Emsworth remain 2nd after their 23shot home win over Forton, led by Pete Smith’s rink. Well I say rink, but this was a match where BOTH clubs couldn’t field full teams, Emsworth being 2short, whilst Forton were 3light!!! Had the heat got to their men???


Finally, after their excellent win last week, Phoenix crashed to a 30shot home defeat at the hands of Cosham, who won on all rinks, led by John Hyslop’s rink. Was last week’s win too much, causing a regeneration in a show of flames and combustion?? They must hope that they will arise from the ashes oh and also manage to get a full team to show up!!.


There were strange goings on at Hayling Island last week in the Combination last week. During their home defeat by Priory, one of the Hayling skips decided to give his team an advantage by trying to take out an opponent. A firing shot caused drastic avoidance action to be taken, ending in a Priory bowler measuring how long and deep a ditch is with his own body!!


Views From The Head w/e 19th May


County News

In the County Club, the weather played as part as 3games had to be postponed following the drenching they had suffered the previous day. In the games that were played, Milton Park, Lee-On-Solent, Rowner, Waterlooville & Alexandra all progressed through to the 2nd round.




In Division 1, Waverley have taken over top spot following their 55shot, all rink home win over Cowplain. There were big wins on three of the Waverley rinks, with only Dave Wildman’s Cowplain rink managing to keep the deficit in single figures.


Alexandra are now 2nd, 1point behind Waverley, despite their 24shot away win at Rowner.  With both clubs winning on 2rinks, it was the 29shot win for Carl Baggott’s rink that ensured Alex of victory.


Lee-On-Solent gained their 1st win of the season with a 10shot home win over Vospers. They won on 3rinks, led by Phil Sanders’ troupe. The win also lifted them out of the bottom two.


The battle of the Milton Parkers went Priory’s way as they defeated Milton Park by 8shots on their green. The result turned on how the Snook brothers faired. Whilst Adrian lost by 13shots for Priory, for Milton brother Gary was beaten by 25shots which turned the match Priory’s way.


Finally, Fareham are still bottom and winless after their 8shot away defeat on the carpet at Waterlooville, with ‘ville winning on 3rinks.



In Division 2, Gosport took advantage of Portsmouth Water night off to gain top spot with an excellent 40shot away win at Denmead. They won all 4rinks, led by the 18shot win on Tony Horne’s rink.


Leigh Park moved into 2nd spot after the 50shot demolition of Purbrook at their Front Lawn home. Leading the way for the parkmen was the rink of Geoff Anderson with a 24shot win. Amid all the carnage, the rink of Purbrook’s Mike Frank did get a win, by 4shots. Obviously Mr Dixon should have stayed at Lead!!


Bedhampton again made full use of their carpet to inflict a 68shot defeat on visitors Pembroke Gardens. Only the rink of Graham Thomas prevented Bedhampton getting all the points as they could only manage a draw with Dave Brooke’s Pembroke men.


Finally, Star broke their duck with an excellent 27shot away win at College Park. They won on 3rinks, led by the 19shot win on Alan New’s rink. The win had the added bonus of taking Star out of the bottom two.



In Division 3, leaders Naismith suffered their 1st defeat of the season with a surprise 3shot home loss to Phoenix (their 1st win of the season). With both clubs winning on 2rinks, the 14shot win on the Naismith Howard Davis rink couldn’t cover the losses on the Phoenix rinks of

Mick Hall & George Russell.


Emsworth closed the gap on Naismith with an excellent 15shot away win at Cosham Park. Both clubs won on 2rinks, with the 21shot win for Emsworth’s Michael O'Reilly rink covering the 14shot win on Cosham’s Richard Spearing rink. Emsworth have a game in hand over Naismith.


Finally, Crofton had a 15shot, all rink away win at bottom club Forton, led by Steve Caine’s (from sinners to saints) troupe. Mind you it also helped that Forton were 1 short.


Views From The Head May 14th edition


Another busy week for clubs, with the 1st Round of the Rowlands Hospital Cup being played.


Rowland Cup

There were a couple of unexpected results with Eastney defeating Div. 2 leaders Portsmouth Water by 11shots and Cosham Park beating Denmead. Other results went as expected, with the two clubs with artificial surfaces, Cowplain & Bedhampton, taking full advantage of the conditions with huge wins (I shall spare the blushes of the losing clubs!!)


At Eastney, my “spy in the sky” reports “Eastney's shock win over Portsmouth Water was down to them having every member actually turning up, enabling them to turn round a 14 shot deficit after 11 ends into the 5 shot victory.” Said Eastney’s captain “Move over Leicester!!”




In Division 1, Alexandra’s truck keeps on rolling as they defeated Lee-on-Solent by 36shots at their Northern Parade home. Alex won on all rinks, led by the 16shot win for Carl Baggott’s rink.


That defeat meant that the Solent men dropped to the foot of the table, as Fareham, despite losing again at home, gained enough match points to go above them on shot difference. Fareham’s fortunes seem to be on the up as they agonisingly lost by 1 shot against Rowner, with both clubs winning on 2rinks.


Meanwhile, Waverley are still keeping the pressure on Alex with a 38shot away win at Milton Park, winning on all rinks. The size of the victory was thanks to the 22shot win on the rink of Paul Cooke (making a guest appearance). But where were Milton’s superstars?? Frit???


Vospers remain in 3rd place following their 6shot home win over Priory. Both clubs won on 2rinks, the 10shot win for Sean Taylor’s rink proving the difference for Vospers.


Finally, in the battle of the carpet teams, Waterlooville got the better of Cowplain with a 6shot away win, both clubs winning on 2rinks. Was it a case of ville making a great comeback or Cowplain throwing it away? Unfortunately the latter.



In Division 2, Portsmouth Water maintained their 100% record with an 8shot, 3rink away win at Pembroke Gardens. Pembroke’s Jim Taylor rink took on the watermen on their own, winning by 12shots but this was offset by the 12shot win by Neville Henley-Smith’s rink.


Denmead are now in 2nd place following their 7shot away win at hapless Star. Simon Filippi’s men did their best for Star, winning by 10shots, but that was covered by the 13shot win on Glyn Jones’ rink for Denmead. Well at least Star have now got some rink points to show for their efforts so far this season}


Leigh Park remain 3rd after their excellent 23shot away win at Hayling Island. Although both clubs won on 2rinks, Park won big on the rinks of Paul Hatherley and Roy Collins. It would seem that captain had had enough of Mr Dixon skipping so shoved him down to lead and what was going on in the Johns v Anderson match, where 53shots were scored!!


Bedhampton dropped to 5th place after their 6shot away defeat at Gosport. Jamie Ward’s rink did their best for the carpetmen, but their 12shot win was offset by the 14shot win for Gosport’s Tony Horne rink.


College Park maintained the momentum from their 1st win last week with a 12shot away win at Purbrook Heath. With both clubs won on 2rinks, the 13shot win for Roy Carter’s rink swung the game College’s way.


Finally, it was not a good week for Star, as in a rearranged match they lost at Pembroke by 24shots, leaving them firmly rooted at the bottom of the table.



In Division 3, the clash of the night was at Emsworth, where the top two met and it was Naismith who walked off with the spoils following their narrow 2shot win. Although both clubs won on 2rink, the winning margin of 16shots on Emsworth’s Derek Leggett rink was surpassed by the 10 & 12shot wins gained on the Naismith rinks of Mick Chandler & Keith Brocks, respectively.


Bridgemary are now 3rd, 2points behind Emsworth after their 10shot home win against Gas Social (who either lose or draw). Bridgemary won on 3rinks, led by the 14shot win on Pete Cooper’s rink whilst, for Gas, Derek Langford’s rink at least kept the deficit in manageable proportions, winning by 12shots.


Crofton are now 4th after their 18shot, 3rink home win against Cosham Park. Crofton won big on the rinks of Pete Moody & Charlie Read and they had to, as the Cosham rink of Tony Hall won by 24shots. Now shall I spare the Crofton’s skip’s blushes…. Shan’t it was Steve Caine.


Views From The Head w/e 5th May


Last week was a busy time for clubs, having to play two rounds of League fixtures.


In Division 1, Alexandra maintained their excellent defence of their title with two wins on the road. On the Tuesday, they travelled to Milton Park and beat Priory by 23shots, winning on 3rinks led by Marty Wake’s who won by 21shots. Only Nigel Mundy’s rink provided any solace for Priory as they managed to win by 3shots. Then, on Friday, Alex’s travels took them to Fareham, which usually means a hard battle. However, Alex took a liking to the green to win by 17shots, only dropping 1point as Lee Cunningham’s rink managed to hold on for a tie with Barry Harman’s men, thereby gaining Fareham’s sole point. After their loss on the Tuesday, Carl Baggott’s rink were top dogs in this game.


That defeat ended a poor week for Fareham, as on the Tuesday, they were the first Div.1 side to try out Cowplain’s carpet. They didn’t find it to their liking as Cowplain recorded their 1st ever Div. 1 win by 16shots winning on 3rinks, led by Bryan Franklin’s quartet. Meanwhile, Dave Wildman had a case of déjà vu as he defeated Dorian Bishop again!


There’s “Trubble at t’Mill” at Fareham who lie bottom of the table, having only managed to gain 6points from the 1st 3matches.


Back at the top of the table, Waverley kept up the pressure on Alex by winning both their games. On Tuesday, they travelled to Lee-On-Solent and, after a tight match, managed to win by 5shots, with both clubs winning on 2rinks. Then, on Friday, Waverley hosted Vospers and won by 31shots, topping the ton, thanks to the 21shot win by Matt Marchant’s rink. For Vospers, Pete Musson’s rink managed a 3shot win.


Waverley’s victory meant that they leapfrogged Vospers into 2nd place as, on Tuesday, Vospers had defeated Waterlooville on their Northern Parade green by 33shots, winning on all 4rinks. The game between the rinks of Pete Musson and Richard Allen must have had the defensive coaches tearing out their hair as 6’s & 7’s were swapped in a final score of 31-25!!!


Milton Park had a strange week. Cock-a-hoop after their away win at Fareham in their 1st game, they were stunned at home by Rowner, who had lost at home in their 1st match. Rowner gained a 2shot victory, winning on 2rinks with a 3rd being tied. In fact, Rowner’s victory was thanks to the 18shot win by Phil Pinder’s men which offset the 21shot defeat inflicted by Mark Hammond’s quartet.

However, they recovered from the shock to the system by beating Waterlooville by 7shots on ‘ville’s carpet. With both club’s winning on 2rinks, it was the 16shot win by Gary Snook’s rink that gained Milton the win.


Rowner carried on the momentum from their win at Milton to beat Cowplain by 33shots, winning on all 4rinks. The men from Cowplain are still getting to terms with Div. 1 sides on their grass greens. Whilst 3rinks seemed to be getting close, the 22shot defeat inflicted by Graeme Coles’ rink did all the damage.


Finally, Priory recorded their 1st win of the season as they beat Lee-On-Solent by 10shots, winning on 3rinks. The defeat meant that the men from the Solent are, like Fareham, still looking for their 1st win.



In Division 2, promoted Portsmouth Water top the table with a 100% record. On Tuesday, they beat College Park by 13shots on their home turf, chiefly thanks to the 12shot win for Brent Riste’s rink. It was also good to see Stripey back on the rinks after his current cancer treatment. Then, on Friday, they travelled to Front Lawn and beat Leigh Park by 5shots, winning on 3 rinks, this despite the heroics performed on Mark Miller’s rink to single-handedly win the game for the park boys!!

That defeat stalled Leigh Park’s season as, on Tuesday, they had thrashed Pembroke Gardens by 68shots, not surprisingly winning on all 4rinks.


Leigh Park’s Friday loss allowed Bedhampton to move into 2nd spot in the table after they beat Star on their carpet by 56shots, making up for their 1shot defeat at Purbrook Heath on Tuesday.


It was a bad week for Star as, on Tuesday, they had received another thrashing, this time on home turf at the hands of Gosport, by 41shots! Star’s record reads played 2; points not a lot!


Denmead had a good week, recording 2victories. The 1st was at Hayling, where they won by 16shots, which they then followed up with a 17shot home win over Purbrook Heath. On both occasions they won on 3rinks.


Finally, College Park gained their 1st win of the season with a 6shot home win over Hayling Island, both clubs winning on 2rinks.



In Division 3, Naismith are making their bid for a swift return to Div.2. On Tuesday they travelled to Forton and picked up 14points from their 16shot victory, following that up with a 33shot home win over Crofton for another 14points.


Emsworth, with a game in hand, are 2nd with a similar 100%record after beating Gas by 12shots on Tuesday, picking up 12points in the process.


Gas featured in another drawn game at home, this time against Phoenix. However, Gas did manage to win on 3rinks.


It wasn’t a good week for Phoenix as they had lost at home to Bridgemary by 31shots, again winning on only 1rink.


Finally, Cosham Park saw off a depleted Forton by 16shots. Forton had trouble last week in getting full teams together, playing 1short on Tuesday and 4 on Friday!!


Finally, there must be something about Gas that makes opposing skips ot bowl the final wood of a game, as on Weds in a Comb game, they were presented with the match when an Emsworth skip declined to bowl his last wood giving them the match by 1shot!!



Views From The Head May 1st


The 2017 P&D Outdoor Bowling Season has started, with Friday’s games having better luck with the weather than the Combination teams last Wednesday, with 2 succumbing to the weather and a 3rd having to be halted due to dab light.


In Division 1, last year’s champions Alexandra put Cowplain (who were making their debut in the top division) to the sword, beating them by 64shots at their Northern Parade home. Alex won on all 4 rinks, with big wins on the rinks of Barry Harman and Steve Feilder.


Waverley also got their challenge to regain their title off to an excellent start by defeating Priory by 44shots on their home green. Waverley also won on all 4rinks, with the size of their victory thanks to Gary Starks’ 20shots win.


There were a couple of surprise results.

 - The first was at Fareham, where the home team fell to an 11shot defeat at the hands of Milton Park. Milton won on the rinks of Gary Snook & Mark Hammond, with Charlie Bailey’s men winning for Fareham, whilst the 4th rink was tied.

 - The other was at Rowner, where promoted Vospers beat the home club by 12shots, winning on 3 rinks. Their victory was thanks to the size of the wins on the rinks of Terry Smith and Pete Musson, whilst Graeme Coles men preventing the whitewash.


Finally, Waterlooville made good use of their home carpet to beat Lee on Solent by 24shots. Whilst both clubs won on 2rinks, it was the size of the wins on the ‘ville rinks of Richard Allen and Derek Holt that ensured their victory.


In Division 2, Leigh Park, hoping to gain promotion after falling at the last fence last year, got off to a good start with a 22shot away win at College Park. They won on 3rinks, with Mark Miller’s leading the way. For College (relegated last year), Alan Taw’s men prevented the whitewash.


The other relegated team, Gosport, just managed to beat Purbrook Heath by 1shot, despite winning on 3rinks. Mick Frank’s Purbrook rink almost managed to get the win for the Heath men with their 14shot victory.


Promoted Portsmouth Water got their season off to an excellent start with a 9shot away win at Denmead. With both clubs winning on 2rinks, the watermen had Alan Sprake’s rink to thank for their victory with their 22shot win.


Finally, Bedhampton were another club to make full use of their home carpet, as they thrashed Hayling Island by 70shots, thanks to huge wins on the rinks of Mike Case and Jamie Ward.


In Division 3, Emsworth had a fine start to the season with a 30shot away win at Bridgemary. The size of their victory was thanks to 20shot win for Peter Smith’s rink. They almost got all the points, Derek Leggett’s men fighting back to tie with Brian Adams’ quartet.


The two teams relegated from Div 2 met each other at Swordsands and it was Naismith who made full use of home advantage to win by 18shots winning on 3rinks.


Finally, at Northern Parade, Gas and Crofton fought out an 85all draw with both teams winning on 2rinks, a rarely seen tied match. In an exciting finish, with the penultimate bowl of the match, the Gas skip moved the jack to where it rested against a bowl from each club and the Crofton skip decided not to try his luck so a tied end meant the tied result!!